Dosdall Update: January ’08

We’re excited to try and keep you all updated through this blog. Hopefully we can figure this all out, as I’m not really a bloggy (is that a word?) person. I’ll try to keep this brief, so I don’t put you to sleep. =)

Derek is working on a paper for submission. He just needs to send it out to the co-authors to get their comments, then he’ll sumbit it. He’s hoping to get it in soon, as he’d like to have it on the grant that he is revising and resubmitting. He talked to two post-docs at UAB whose similar grants were funded to get some feedback and suggestions from them, and he feels like he got some good ideas for changes. We’re crossing our fingers and praying it gets funded this time! He enjoyed a few hours of paintball last Saturday with the Bishop and other friends. This time he was fully equiped with his own camos, marker, mask, gloves, etc. I think he likes it. =) Fortunately he hasn’t had any scout campouts for a few months with holidays, etc, but the troop did attend a Merit Badge Day which was productive for them. He also spent a few hours this month fixing a leak in our front porch roof. I’m so grateful he can do things like that!

I missed church yesterday due to a flu-like virus. It’s been a while since I’ve had a fever, achiness (sp?), and lung congestion like this. I’m doping up on airbourne, mucinex, and motrin, so hopefully it’ll go away soon. I’ve added a few more voice students and now have 4. It’s great to have the extra money, and I plan on having a little recital at the end of the school year. I applied for the creative team for a new paper/hybrid/digital manufacturer called Primahybrid. Prima is a long time well-established paper scrapping product manufacturer, so it would be great to be a part of this branch-off. I find out March 1st. We had a successful Gold and Blue banquet for the cub scouts, though I was dissapointed that only 1 out of 4 cub leaders attended. I’m excited to finally have a visiting teaching route! I get to visit three Spanish-speaking sisters in our ward, so it’s been good for me to brush up a bit. Makes me nostalgic for the mission…

James very generously (and without prompting) shared some of his hard-earned money with the girls recently so that they, along with the boys, could get new webkinz. It makes me happy to see that! He has been very responsible about getting up and ready quickly, and getting his homework and job done without complaint. I really appreciate that. He has, however, taken to some whining/complaining about other minor things which I hope stops soon. He lost a molar and got some goodies from the tooth fairy…though a bit late. 😉

Jeffrey (and James) got their Bear awards at the Gold and Blue. They also got a silver arrow point, and a belt loop each. Now, on to Webelos! Jeffrey has made a new friend in his class which is a big step for him. He really struggles with interacting with his classmates, and we’ve worked with him quite a bit with no progress. After fasting and praying about what to do, we decided to approach the school couselor for suggestions as she is familiar with him and there at the school. We talked with Jeffrey about meeting with her, and he was very enthusiastic about it. He realizes it’s something he’s afraid of and needs to improve on. I’m glad he’s willing to work on it. She will be meeting with him regularly to help him work on making friends and improving his social skills. Though most mornings Jeffrey struggles to get up in the mornings (he’s my son…what’d ya expect), he always gets up cheerfully for Valley Voices choir before-school rehearsals. I’m glad he likes it.

Ashley also lost a tooth…the tooth fairy is going to go broke on us! She is so artistic! After she got her new webkinz, she gathered all of hers together and drew a portrait of each one to hang on her bedroom wall. She also created a lovely digital scrapbook page (that’s my girl) with pics from our miraculous snow day here last month. I’ll post that below. The kids really enjoyed playing in the snow, and even made a snowman which stayed up for a week after the rest of the snow melted in a few hours.

Lexie had a fun play date with a boy from her preschool class named Judson. I’m glad she did, because she hasn’t had many playdates recently, and was kind of sad about it. The kids got back their photos from the disposable cameras they got for Christmas and Lexie has been scrapping them lately (that’s my other girl). I love that she’s been responsible enough this year to make her own lunches for preschool and get herself totally ready in the mornings. Hard to believe she’s our baby and is going to kindergarten next year!

Well, that’s enough about us. We sure miss you all and are looking forward to seeing you this summer! Hope you enjoy our new blog, and we look forward to hearing from you all!


Derek, Aly, James, Jeffrey, Ashley, and Lexie Dosdall

Ashley’s digital scrapbook page

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  1. Awesome job, Aly! I was looking at your scrapbook pages and they are awesome! You are very talented! I’m excited and think this will be a good way to keep in touch!


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