7g’s digi sneak peak/older photo challenge

So…here’s my designer layout for the 7gypsies Outback kit release tomorrow at http://www.pclayers.com/. This will be the quickpage sold with the kit, and I actually get some money for making this layout! How cool is that? Love that 7g’s is digital!!

A few month ago, I started my childhood album (finally…i’ve been scrapping for 10 years!!) I’ve put it off because it seemed like such an overwhelming project. I just gathered whatever photos I had and divided them into three age categories. Then I started!! I kept the designs simple, used white cardstock backgrounds (obviously this one was done after I finished the others so it’s different) and some 70’s Rob and Bob stuff from my stash. So far I’ve completed up to Junior High. It’s been fun to record these old photos/memories. It even got picked up by Simple Scrapbooks for their My Favorite Album feature in the March/April 2008 issue.

So…my challenge to you (if you’re reading) is to gather some old photos (doesn’t matter if you have them all) and start organizing them. Then just START! Pick a photo that speaks to you, and scrap it!! Remember…with really old photos it’s best to scan them in, restore them, and reprint so you don’t destroy the only copy. Have fun!! Oh, and if you get one done, post a link here!

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