Family Update

We’re loving the warm weather and have taken advantage of it with a few trips to the local amusement park using our season passes which we got for Easter (and with a little help from Uncle Sam). We enjoyed trading babysitting with our friends for temple trips, which involves our kids sleeping over with their kids…always fun. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. He enjoyed his two professional conference trips and side trip to visit family in Utah and attend a bit of general conference. He came home wishing we lived there.
2. He submitted a grant, a large section of which was submarined by the greedy hard-to-get-along with new co-director who will be the director when Dr. Ideker retires in a few years. Derek was not happy.
3. He has submitted a few papers, and been co-author on a few more that have been submitted.
4. He spent all day Saturday turning the light in our shower into a light/fan combo and discovered how incompetent help can be at Home Depot and Lowe’s.
5. Derek has been a great sport about me dragging him to Stake Choir practice. He has a really great voice…but he doesn’t think so. =)

1. I hosted our monthly bunco group, which was fun but a lot of work to feed 12 ladies and my family.
2. I had lunch with one of my “virtual friends” I’ve met through the online scrapping community…it was fun!
3. I was asked by my design team to create a whole quickpage album to be sold on the website…first big product design assignment, and I hope to get some more.
4. I got a page accepted for publication in Creating Keepsakes Magazine for the first time, and was guest blogger for National Scrapbooking Day on the pcLayers blog.
5. I submitted an application to substitute teach at our kids’ schools next year.

1. He has become hooked on a new fantasy series by Angie Sage called Septimus Heap. The volumes are titled Magique, Phlyght, Physique, etc.
2. He has really gotten into working on Webelos cub scouts stuff. They have a new leader who is really great.
3. He is looking forward to his school choir concert next week.

1. He and James both lost molars. I’m not sure Jeffrey’s was ready, but he had to keep up with James, so out it came.
2. He enjoyed the choral festival his school choir participated in…they got good marks.
3. He and James call each other “bubble buddies” now. It has something to do with starting from the same cell as twins, and it looked like a bubble…I’m not really sure. =)

1. Her school P.E. program hosted a family juggling night. We all learned how to juggle scarves, it was fun!
2. She stayed home from school a few days with a stomach bug.
3. She and a few other girls are singing a song at church for Mother’s Day. She is very excited and loves singing.

1. She made a bug catcher at preschool and caught a lady bug in it.
2. She is really into keeping track of dates and looking forward to holidays and special occasions.
3. She is having a little preschool graduation next week and is very excited.
4. She has 2 friend birthday parties coming up this month and can’t wait.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope you’re all doing well. We’re so excited to see you all this summer…we love you and take care!

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