Tuesday Tutorial!!

I made this page using the delicious new Flutter kit (available tomorrow in the store) by the amazingly talented Celeste Rockwood-Jones over at pcLayers.com. I just LOVE the butterflies, and the stunning colors in this kit! So cute!! Anyway…I thought I’d share a tutorial with you on how to create the patterned paper waves in the layout. (Click on the screenshot to see an enlarged version of it.)
First you’re going to open a 12×12 white canvas. Create a new layer (in PS Layer>New>Layer). Use your rectangular marquee tool in the toolbar to drag out a thin verticle strip. Then right click on it and select “fill”–any color’s fine.
Now we’re going to make the strip wavey by using a shear filter. Click on Filter>Distort>Shear. A box with a grid should appear like so: To create the wave, you’re going to click and drag on the verticle line in alternating directions at even intervals. I moved it over at each line on the grid and once in between each line. Remember, a little goes a long way…don’t pull the line over too far. Play with it until you get a nice even wave. It may take a few tries. Once you’re done, click OK. Now that you have a wave shape, if it is too thick, you can thin it out by clicking Edit>Free Transform and draging the side of the box in until the wave is just right. Now you all you need to do is duplicate this layer for each wave you’d like, then place your patterned paper over it in your layers pallet, then click on Layer>Group with previous, and your paper will take the shape of the wave. Remember to do any editing or adding drop shadows to the wave layer, not the paper layer. Now go give it a try, and link me up if you do!!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial!!

  1. It’s a beautiful page, Aly! One of these days I’ll get “real” PS – your tutorial was easy to follow, if only in my imagination! πŸ™‚

  2. This is a really great layout. And thanks for sending me to the pclayers site. Now I have some more stuff to drool over.

    I definitely have something in mind for your tutorial, so I’ll post something (and link) when I actually get to it.

    Thanks for posting this information on the pea board!

  3. Aly – this is so nice – I love your designs and layouts – thanks so much for sharing the How-to’s!

  4. That is a great layout! And I love your tutorial … one of the things I love about photoshop is there are 367 different ways to do the same thing, and I never thought to use the shear filter!

  5. great layout and thanks for the tutorial!!! I love learning new things to keep the creative juices flowing.I will try to play later tonight and create something.

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