We’re back!!

Well, we’re back from our 2-week vacation! We had a great time and we’ll post a report and family update as soon as we get unpacked and do some laundry. (Yep…back to life.) Here’s a page I cranked out this morning…couldn’t help it…2 weeks without scrapping, yikes! I love Ali Edwards’ new digital products at designerdigitals.com. That photo is from the fireworks show we watched in Park City. I used the fireworks setting on my camera and a tripod…really helped to get some good shots. Can’t wait to scrap more!

I created the word art on the photo in photoshop by creating several text boxes with different words using the same font (Arial). But…I changed several things about the font: size, opacity, italics, bold, kerning (space between the letters), caps, lowercase, etc. Then I merged them all together by simplifying, or rasterizing, the type layers so I could edit the word art as a single layer. Give it a try!

5 thoughts on “We’re back!!

  1. Hey Aly!

    I know next to nothing about digital scrapbooking, but my cousin-in-law is a big time mover and shaker in the industry. Do you know her (or her products)? She’s super nice–thought you might be interested.

  2. hey there, Aly! Somehow I just stumbled upon your blog! It’s very cool – and I love this celebrate layout. Glad you had a nice trip and are all home safely. Thanks for considering me a ‘scrappy friend’! Right back at ya. Nicole S

  3. hey aly,
    i’m glad you guys made it home safe…it’s was really nice seeing everyone again. also i would love to get a family reunion book.

  4. Great layout, and Ali with digi goodies, does it get any better? ;o)
    Your text layer is FAB, and so clever!
    Loved seeing you IRL, hope it is something we can do whenever you find yourself in this part of the country!!!!
    See you very soon!

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