June family update (and early July)

Wow! We’ve had a full and fun month! I’ll start with a run down of regular life, and then I’ll give a recap of our 2 weeks in Utah. We all enjoyed a trip to the dentist (more on that later). The kids and I have kept busy going to free summer movies at the local theater, library reading program/shows, the waterpark, and at home the kids love to jump on the trampoline with the sprinklers on. They also love to sleep together in the double beds on the bottom of their bunkbeds every night.

1. He attended a bit of scout camp and was subject to stinky silly boys’ pranks, but had a great time.
2. He got a new laptop from work which has come in handy (especially since it has photoshop cs 3..wink, wink).
3. He got a manuscript accepted for publication…woo hoo!!
4. He celebrated Father’s Day by deciphering the boys’ secret codes to figure out we were first going to see “Nim’s Island”, and then to dinner at O’Charley’s.
5. He celebrated his birthday with a bishopric pool party at the bishop’s house. His combined birthday/Father’s Day present was a GPS, which he loves.

1. I went to substitute teacher training and got my certificate.
2. I spent a night at Girls’ Camp and sang at sunrise service.
3. I was invited to be on the creative team for a new digi scrapping website (angelhartline.com) Cute stuff…check it out!!
4. I had a Halloween layout accepted for publication by a magazine I’ve never been published in (Better Homes and Garden’s Scrapbooks, Etc.)
5. I was released as primary president and asked to serve as primary chorister and stake music chairperson.

1. He lost another tooth.
2. He has been making waffles or pancakes for breakfast almost all by himself lately.
3. He and Jeffrey are sharing a new bike we got until we can find a good deal on another their size.
4. He spearheaded a “making father’s day gifts” project for the kids.
5. He bought and read “Queste” since he couldn’t find it at any library in the area.

1. He and James got to attend cub scout day camp, which they enjoyed. (I got to spend two days with them.)
2. He finished reading Harry Potter #6.
3. He lost 2 teeth in one evening.
4. He has been taking Melatonin to help him calm down and get to sleep, which has helped a lot.
5. We attended a free ice skating party for the library program, and I was very proud of Jeffrey for sticking with James and some other boys from school, especially with how shy he is in social situations.

1. She had a playdate with her friend from school, Savannah.
2. She read some Josephina books from the American Girl series.
3. Sadly, she has a cavity and will get it filled tomorrow.
4. She was also stung twice by a wasp while pruning a honeysuckle vine on the mailbox.

1. She attended a Build-A-Bear birthday party for her friend, Meagan, from church. Meagan’s mom made clothes for all the girls’ bears–very impressive way to save money.
2. She’s SO excited about starting school next month…I’m not.
3. Unfortunately, she and Ashley have had a hard time getting along sometimes this summer. Hopefully it’s a phase they’ll grow out of soon.

Quick vacation recap:
1. We spent a few days staying with Derek’s parents in Springville before heading up to his family reunion weekend at Bear Lake, UT. Although a bit cramped and crazy with 60 people in 3 condos, we had a wonderful time and are so blessed with such wonderful families. Highlights include: delicious meals, Dosdall Olympics, Dosdall Idol, jet skis, beach time, swimming, mini-golf, family photos, family clues, and late night games/talking. WAY TOO MUCH FUN!
2. Monday we drove over to Park City for my family reunion.
Highlights include: swimming, “cruising” Main Street on foot and by trolley, crafts, tye dye t-shirts, lunch with Grandpa, star gazing, alpine slide and coaster, fourth of July parade and fireworks, and riding the cabriolet at the Westgate resort.
3. On Saturday after my reunion, we drove to Heber City for my Mom’s extended Derrick family reunion. We lunched at McD’s and saw “Wall-E” with my brother and sister and their families. I had to introduce my family to Granny’s famous thick shakes as well. My aunt Debbie hosted the reunion at her home and at the pavillion/playground in her subdivision. We enjoyed catching up with some of my cousins I haven’t seen for years while the kids played and launched bottle rockets.
4. We stayed a few more days with Derek’s sister, Ann, and his parents. The kids loved playing with their cousins and we enjoyed visiting with Derek’s family. Grandma, Grandpa, and Jeannie accopanied Derek and the kids on a little hike/picnic and then met cousins at Jumpin’ Jacks while I enjoyed lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Murray with my pcLayers girls whom I finally met IRL for the first time! SO FUN!! Between Derek’s and my families, there are probably about 80 people. Out of that 80, we got to see 77…not bad at all. We sure love our families and are so grateful for all they did to make this trip possible and so much fun! That’s more than enough for now…ciao!!

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