10,000 HITS! RAK!

Wow…how exciting! This blog has reached 10,000 hits! I think this calls for a celebration! How about a few RAKs?? Leave a comment answering the following question, and I will randomly pick 3 people to receive $10 of pcpurse to purchase products of their choice at pcLayers.com. Here’s the question: Why do you scrapbook? …briefly. =) I scrap to record my and my family’s history for us and for generations to come…and because I LOVE it!! How ’bout you?

11 thoughts on “10,000 HITS! RAK!

  1. I love to scrap for my family.. i love it when my kids look at my books and they remember or think they remember the things i’ve scrapped…

  2. Wow, that it amazing! I love the creative process. I love the energy of it! It feeds me in a way no other thing can, well except maybe chocolate. It is much healthier though! 🙂

  3. I scrap because I’ve finally found a way to create something just for me- no client, no deadline (Ok, sometimes there are deadlines!) I can do absolutely whatever I want. I do my best to scrap the events, moments, and stories that I want to share with my family and friends. Thanks for doing this Aly!

  4. wow, great job getting to 10,thou!!
    I scrap mainly because its finally a hobby that not only is fun to do, I feel I am good at it… but also because it is so meaningful for my family and friends.

  5. Congrats on all those posts! I scrap first and foremost because I love to design. It scratches that itch I get when I think “I should have been a graphic designer” – which is pretty much everyday. 🙂 But I also love that I’m recording my family’s history and leaving a legacy of love for my daughter.

  6. I scrap so that someday when my daughters are teenagers they can look back and realize how much their mom really does love them (and maybe so I can look back and realize how much I love them, esp. when they’re not being so loveable!) Recording family history is important.

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