Lights, Camera, Actions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR y’all!! We enjoyed an awesome Christmas break (more about that later) and are ready to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. We visited with my hubby’s family up in Michigan (brrr) and I got some fun snow shots of the kids. I metered on the trees in the background before snapping the shots. That really seemed to help. These were taken late in the afternoon, so the lighting was a bit low, BUT I played with these new FREE photo actions by Pioneer Woman. This is her second set of free photo actions and I must say I HEART them all!Here’s a photo of my son, James, straight out of the camera.Here’s one of the actions called “Seventies”. Cool, huh?This one is a lovely sepia tone. I love the contrast to this one.This one is called “Warmer”. Nice!! Not every action works with every photo, so play around until you find a look you like. The “Warmer” action is my favorite for this photo. In fact, I loved it for all of my snow photos. Here are a few more I used it on.I love anything that saves time in the photography and scrapping process and photo actions definitely fit the bill. Try some today!

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