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Today is my 35th birthday. Life is busy right now and our budget is tight (like most Americans). I’m not looking for any sympathy…just sayin’ I wasn’t expecting anything today. Especially since my present is a trip to Cali this weekend (courtesy of frequent flyer miles) to stay with my parents and attend CHA Winter.

I was wrong. I woke up this morning to get the kids off to school for early choir practice to the smell of freshly baked breakfast cake courtesy of my hubby, Superman. He seriously must have made this in the middle of the night because, mind you, Superman left before dawn to go drive some youth from our church to early morning seminary (daily scripture study class for youth…BEFORE school starts). After that he went to his 7am cardiology meeting at work.

Then my kids came home from school and after they’d been home for about 30 minutes they called me down to the living room where they all jumped out from hiding places, threw hand-made confetti and streamers at me, and sang happy birthday. Then they gave me handmade presents they came up with on their own.My daughters made a vase from an empty plastic container filled with paper flowers, and a homemade gift bag filled with candy. My 11 year old son gave me a handmade paper box tied with yarn. Inside it was this poem he wrote. I cried.

You are like a tree,
Giving shade to me.
Protecting me from rain and snow,
And from the wind’s fierce blow.

Love and care you provide,
And I need someone to be my guide.
You’ve taught me all about earth
Ever since my birth.

And now, as I am 11,
I need you to point me to heaven;
And think you might be
The perfect one for me.

My other 11 year old son wrote this song. It’s sung to “O Christmas Tree”.

Oh! Alyson! Oh! Alyson!
How sweet art thy character.
Oh! Alyson! Oh! Alyson!
How sweet art thy character.

Not only kind when you’re happy,
But when you need a big nappy.
Oh! Alyson! Oh! Alyson!
How sweet art thy character.

Tell ya what…I’m feeling extremely blessed today.

11 thoughts on “birthday surprise

  1. Happy Birthday – what a wonderful day! Your son’s poem and the other son’s song were just so sweet! Can’t wait to see you at CHA!

  2. Happy Birthday! Who knew your boys were such poets? I think your scrapping is amazing. How wonderful that you found a way to share your talents. We miss you all–Mitzi

  3. Happy Birthday Aly! Do you have a great family or what? I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all of your ideas. Have a great day!

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