January Family Update

We’ve had some freezing cold weather (down to teens at night) but the last few days have been beautiful!! Life is busy but good. Here’s the lowdown on the past month:


1. Has worked on some article reviews, experiments, and data analysis; can’t decide whether to resubmit his grant or not.
2. Spent a good part of last Saturday replacing some crumbled brick grout in our front porch stairs.
3. Replaced the catalytic converter in his car and hopes that solves the problems it’s had for good.


1. Had a wonderful trip to Anaheim, CA for the Craft and Hobby Association Convention and Trade Show; stayed with my parents, visited with old friends, and made some new ones; had a productive and informative trip.
2. cough coughTurned 35cough cough
3. Gets to teach the 6 year old class at church now instead of doing the children’s music; so exciting!


1. Stayed home from school with a fever.
2. Loves reading the Artemis Fowl series right now.
3. Lost a tooth and the tooth fairy forgot…for 5 days…she was in Anaheim.
4. Has lost computer privileges a few times for poor use of time.


1. Broke his front tooth off straight across the middle. (See photo below.)
2. Got said tooth fixed.
3. Broke said tooth again the very next day! Got said tooth fixed again…so far so good.
4. Has lost 3 molars and finds eating a bit challenging right now.
5. Attended Merit Badge Day with James and the other scouts.


1. Is preparing to sing a solo in her school talent show.
2. Wrote a secret admirer note to a boy in her class (please no!!!)
3. Decorated valentine hearts and taped them on the wall next to everyone’s beds.
4. Went ice skating with a bunch of girls from church.


1. Has scarlet fever (high fever, sore throat, sick tummy, and body rash).
2. Is reading Junie B. Jones.
3. Is very excited about Valentine’s Day; she has a countdown going.

6 thoughts on “January Family Update

  1. That tooth looks too painful for him to be smiling so big!

    I hope Lexie feels better soon…I haven’t heard of anyone having Scarlet Fever in years and years!

  2. I can’t believe all the teeth problems Jeffery has had – I bet you were sick about it.
    And as far as the scarlet fever thing – I just heard from my friend in CA – and her daughter had it too.
    Hope you guys stay healthy and hope you had a blast in CA (you’ll have to tell me about it).

  3. Sounds like you’ve been busy! How did Jeffery break his tooth? I remember having scarlet fever when I was 5. I got to stay home from school for a whole week. I also remember being very cold and wanting hot chocolate and then being very hot and wanting lemonade. I think I spent the whole week on the couch in front of the TV. I hope Lexie feels better soon.–Mitzi

  4. Hi Aly,
    I found you through Lara and her blog. I hope you remember me, but if not we were in Gateway together and we were V.T. companions for awhile. You are so talented! I can’t believe how big the kids are! I hope Lexie feels better soon, Caitlin had that once..no fun!

  5. aly… what a crazy time.. children… i swear… they can be so fun… yet so trying….

    when did you start teaching 6 yr olds instead of music….??

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