New Site Launch Party!!

I’m so excited! I have been invited to be a reporter for a brand new site called The Scrap Review. It is co-owned by 2 super amazing scrappers, Emilie Ahern and Heidi Sonboul, and the team of reporters is AMAZING!! I’m honored to be a part of it, and thrilled to share with you that TSR is hosting a rockin’ launch party next week to kick things off. You won’t believe the prizes that they’re giving away…go check it out! Be sure and come back after the party for real scrappers reviewing your favorite products, tools, and websites.

9 thoughts on “New Site Launch Party!!

  1. Congrats Aly! I will be checking it out soon. I just recently set up my blog. I would love for you to take a look. This is new to me, so try not to laugh too hard. It is nannasniche.blogspot.com

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