In like a lion…(family update)

We have had the craziest weather weekend ever! Yesterday was warm, stormy, and the air was unstable enough to produce a few tornadoes in some rural parts of Alabama. We had tremendous amounts of rain and some flash flooding. Today we awoke to heavy snowfall and our front lawn covered in white! We probably got about 4 inches, which is really rare for Alabama. They even cancelled the 2nd and 3rd hours of church dismissing everyone after sacrament meeting. The snow wasn’t even sticking on the roads…wimps. LOL! =) I am grateful however for almost an entire Sunday to spend together with my family.


1. Installed a light in our front hall coat closet yesterday…thanks honey!
2. Is excited to work with a new counselor in the bishopric, but will miss the old one.
3. Wrote an editorial for Heart Rhythm Journal reviewing some research.
4. Just found out that the funding levels for his grant have gone up from 160 (his score is 164) to 170!!! He’s expecting to get official confirmation that his grant has been funded pretty soon!!!


1. Was invited to be a reporter for a new scrap review website…yippee!!
2. Has been so busy with other things I haven’t scrapped much this month…=(
3. Hosted my monthly bunco group…good times!
4. Saw Twighlight for the second time on Valentine’s Day with Derek.


1. Lost 2 more teeth last month…I think he has more holes than teeth.
2. LOVES a stray cat that hangs around our house. The kids named it Holly Feather. Wants to keep it, Mom said NO!
3. Attended his first 11-year-old scout overnight campout with Derek and Jeffrey.
4. Prepared and taught a very inspiring family home evening lesson all by himself.


1. Lost a few more teeth and is worse off than James since he can’t eat a lot with his front teeth because of the binding.
2. Came with me to help teach my primary class last Sunday and did a great job.
3. Has been working hard on a History project for school (as has James).
4. Spent most of Saturday hanging out with his best friend, Zach.


1. Auditioned for her school talent show (somewhat reluctantly) and was one of 25 out of 75 that made it.
2. Some friends gave her two Emily Windsnap books which she read non-stop and finished in a few days.
3. Enjoyed a fieldtrip to the local children’s theater to see George Washington Carver.
4. She and Lexie had some friends over for a girl party to eat, paint nails, put on make up, and watch movies.


1. Lost her two front teeth in 2 days and has a big girl smile now.
2. Is really into reading simple chapter books right now.
3. Has been sick several times lately and has missed a lot of school.
4. Is often the “hoppy helper” at school because her teacher says she can depend on her to be a good example.

Photo edges from French Laundry Photo Edges v. 5 by Sande Krieger.

3 thoughts on “In like a lion…(family update)

  1. The snow looks beautiful, particularly because it has been high 80’s here and it is supposed to hit 90 today! Congrats on the editor job! You were always creative so they are getting a great contribution to their company! Lexies smile looks so cute!

  2. Congrats on The Scrap Review. I can’t believe that since we have moved, AL has had snow this year and last year. My kids are tired of it, as am I, and we are so ready for spring! Tell Derek and the kids HI.

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