Spring, Easter, and babies

Sorry. I’ll let you know right off the bat that this update won’t have the same kind of exciting news as last time, but it will be informative, accurate, and hopefully you’ll laugh along with us at our sometimes crazy life.

Spring has brought some crazy, stormy, tornado-siren-inducing weather lately…ah, the joys of the South. I’m just glad it’s warm enough to wear flip flops and capris now. Eleven more days of school left and I’m so excited to have a lazier schedule and to spend more time with the kids. It is always challenging to keep everyone entertained on a budget, though.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. Took the girls on the Father/Daughter campout at church
2. Camped out with the girls in the backyard since the above campout had to be postponed
3. Took the boys on the 11 year old stake campout
4. Has brought the boys with him on some service projects which has helped them get in their Scouts/Faith in God service hours
5. Spent most of last Saturday pressure washing our porch, walkway, and driveway with lots of help from the boys

1. Finally having some days without constant nausea–what a relief not to feel like I’m carsick or have the flu 24/7
2. Found out we’re having a girl (in case you didn’t know yet), and the kids spent a good hour the other day writing down their favorite girls’ names on a list
3. Feeling the baby move now which is always fun and comforting
4. Glad Stake conference is over and music went well–we enjoyed hearing from Elder Hamula as well as our stake leaders

1. Dressed up as Leonardo Da Vinci for the school’s wax museum day
2. Dresses up as a knight or a wizard most days after school (probably comes from playing Wizard 101. every. single. day.)
3. Went over to his friend Adam’s house for the first time
4. Rocked the county choral festival (along with Jeffrey & school choir) and I got to watch
5. Has been very helpful (voluntarily) in the kitchen…love that!

1. Dressed up as Napoleon for the wax museum…funny how the characters both boys picked coincided with their personalities…hmmm…
2. Talks with a British accent almost constantly…why? Don’t have a clue.
3. Has gotten together with his best bud, Zach, several times lately which makes us all happy
4. Got super comments from his teacher recently about his social skills progress this year…yay!

1. Had her friend from school, Addie, over to play
2. Stayed home from school 2 days with a stomach bug
3. Attended a fun field trip to De Soto Caverns which I got to chaperone
4. LOVES getting “Didi rides” up to bed after family prayer each night. She and Lexie sit on Derek’s back while he’s on all fours. They take turns picking what kind of ride they get, while the other gets to sit in front. Whoever picks the ride says something like, “Giddyup spitting camel!” or “Come on purple hippo, let’s go!” and then slaps his backside. Derek then heads up the stairs to their room with some silly sound effects and a fun ride that match whatever they told him to be. Some of them are pretty hilarious. I’ve got to get this on video and, of course, scrap it somehow. =)

1. Enjoyed a field trip to Bud’s Best cookies which she said reminded her of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory complete with mini-trains, cookie samples-a-plenty, and fun uniforms
2. Missed a day of school b/c she was sick
3. Is so excited about her jungle-themed kindergarten music recital tomorrow
4. LOVES to “eat” Daddy’s ears every night when he puts her to bed

1. A stray cat that hangs around our house and whom our kids have befriended had four kittens recently. They were so cute and the kids were so excited, but she has since moved them and we can’t find them. We fear they may not have survived because she has been hanging around our house way too much for a mother cat who’s supposed to be nursing kittens.
2. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with my parents the week before Easter. Highlights included dinner at the Lone Star Steakhouse, a trip down to Montgomery to see the Civil Rights Memorial and Southern Poverty Law Center, a few movies at the dollar theater, a ward Easter egg hunt, and a trip to the local science center.
3. Easter was special with grandparents here, special music at church, a special family home evening, yummy food (and too much of it), and fun gifts for the kids—a mongo Lego set for the boys (Derek scored a sweet online deal), and some Barbie Peek-a-Boo Petites for the girls.

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  1. We had Elder Hamula here to speak and set apart a new stake presidency last week. I thought his thoughts were wonderful.

    We’ve had a few siren warnings up here too but probably not as many as you guys get.

    It was fun reading up on how you are all doing! Glad the morning sickness is over. I don’t miss that at all! 🙂

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