Creative Journal 1: Episode 2

After letting my printed photos sit on my desk for a few days, I started working on my layout again. My next step was to trim my photos.

I use a Fiskars large rotary trimmer. I love how I can trim 12×12 paper with a ruler guide going both directions so I know exactly where to cut. I also use a small Creative Memories trimmer for smaller items because it has two ruler guides as well.

Next I pulled out some patterned papers I thought would go well with my photos, as well as my “neutral” and “blue” embellishment bins.

A few years ago I organized my supplies by color. I have all my cardstock in color coded shelves, color coded bins for larger embellishments (ribbons, fibers, chipboard, flowers, stickers, tags, etc), and then other color coded bins with small compartments for brads, buttons, and eyelets. I love this color system! Best thing I ever did to organize my scraproom.

I decided on some embellishments and just pulled them out and placed them on my work space so I could see how all the papers and elements blended together. Then I let that sit there for a few hours while I did some house work. I like to pass by my scrap room and peek in occasionally to see how I like certain items together. I start sifting through what works and what doesn’t while I do that.
Then I started placing elements and photos on the layout. I knew I wanted some kind of collage of photos and journaling spots at the bottom with my title at the side. I placed things on, stared at them, moved them, and replaced them. I’ll do this over and over until I get it just the way I want.

Once I get what I think I’m happy with, I’ll let it sit there and will stare at it a few more days to make sure I’m happy before I adhere anything. Often times I will change my mind about something when I come back to it with a fresh set of eyes a few days later. I’ll be back once I’ve mulled over this page for a while. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Creative Journal 1: Episode 2

  1. I am really enjoying watching your creative process. I plan on trying this method myself because I am a slow scrapbooker anyway in an effort to get it right the first time. This post made me realize that rather than sitting and staring at the page, I could be doing other things while my brain processes what I like about the page and what I do not. You picked a great subject!

  2. i have been toying with organizing by color for a few years now….should I just do it???
    that layout looks like it will be gorgeous…glad to know i am not the only one who leaves things for a few days just to be sure 🙂

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