Creative Journal 1: Episode 4 (The End)

Today I finally put on the finishing touches of my layout and I’m ready to be done with it. I decided to pull up the scalloped journaling spot and re-adhere it with foam squares to give it more dimension. I also outlined the title letters with my black Zig and wrote the word “JUST” on the focal photo inside the bookplate with my white Uni-ball Signo pen to complete the title. I love my Signo…it’s the best white fine tip pen I’ve found and I’ve tried several. Is my layout perfect? Of course not. Are there a few mishaps? Yes! Is it worth it to me to fix them or redo the layout? Definitely not this time. I’m happy that this day is recorded and that my relationship with my daughter takes center stage, and not a detailed itinerary of the trip.

Thanks for following me through this premiere Creative Journal. Thanks for your comments and feedback. I hope sharing this has inspired you in some way. Happy scrapping!

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