Once Upon A Time…

…there was a mom who loved to scrapbook. After years of scrapbooking with friends, she discovered Simple Scrapbooks magazine and began to share her work in their online gallery. She was very drawn to the Simple style and philosophy, and was overjoyed when a lovely Simple gal named Candice Palmer commented on one of her layouts and suggested she submit some of her work. She did, and after a few page calls passed with no luck, she finally had a page accepted! She was even more overjoyed!

She carefully packaged up her page and mailed it to the mysterious address on Pony Express Rd in the far away land of Utah. Would the page be damaged? Would she ever get it back?

Of course she did and the page was fine, so she decided to keep submitting layouts. When a few more were accepted at Simple, she delved into the world of digital scrapbooking and had a few pages accepted at Digital Scrapbooking Magazine.

This scrapbook-loving mom was so happy to find that she could make a little extra cash doing the hobby she loved the most. Life was good. One day she created a page she really loved using a cool technique and decided to submit it to Creating Keepsakes Magazine. When that page was accepted she realized she could try submitting to many other magazines and also found success.

One day, after a few years of scrapping away happily, she traveled to the far away land of Utah and found the mysterious address at Pony Express Rd. She entered the great Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking fortress and met the most wonderful editors.

They were kind enough to not only show her around the fortress, but to share some cookies with her in the break room, and even pose with her in a photo.

This was one of the funnest scrappy adventures this scrapbook-loving mom had ever had!

To make her scrappy adventures even more complete, this mom ate lunch the following week at the delicious Thanksgiving Point village tavern with some of the lovely (former Simple) write.click.scrapbook. maidens whom she was very pleased to meet.

The scrapping mom enjoyed herself so much, she wished she could move to the far away land of Utah and visit her friends as often as she desired. The End.

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  1. We wish you would move here too – it would make Utah so much better to have our Aly with a Y here! So sad I missed you – hope to see you next time!

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