Summer catch-up

Our family update last month only consisted of highlights from our trip out west, so I thought I’d throw in a quick run-down of daily life since the end of school. =)

The weather’s been very dry here which is good because it’s not so humid, but bad because our yard is brown instead of lush and green. Over all the kids have gotten along pretty well this summer, though we do have rough moments here and there (too much of a good thing I guess). The kids do better if I keep them on a light loose schedule. A typical week may look something like this: Monday is grocery shopping, weekend catch-up, free movie at the library, and lots of free time; Tuesday is free show at the library (if it’s good), lots of play time, and trampoline with the sprinklers on; Wednesday is free movie at the theater, lunch and shopping at Costco, then a show at the library; Thursday I run errands and the kids play computer games, watch movies, read, and jump on the tramp; Friday sometimes we hit the library again, do the tramp again, and hit a movie at the dollar theater or drive-in that night. It seems to work pretty well for us.


1. Spent a whole week with the boys at scout camp so they could go. What a fabulous dad! Only worked about 1 week in June.
2. Is trying to trap the copperhead snake we found sunning half-exposed in our backyard retainer wall.
3. Has several deadlines coming up for grants, publications, and conference presentations.
4. Made a cool art display wall for me out of a couple of 1×4 boards and clothespins painted white. (I’ll take pictures and post them later.)


1. Starting to feel the baby move a lot and some more aches and pains. I’m old.
2. Has left the boys and Ashley home on some short close errands. Yes! The house is still standing and they’re all 3 alive.
3. Schedules “reading time” a few days a week. Some of the kids think I’m mean.
4. Enjoying a new book club at church. Read The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Loved it.


1. Loved scout camp—especially rifles and swimming. Completed 6 merit badges.
2. Got the art award, reading award, president’s award, and “A” honor roll award at the end of school.
3. Has finished Eragon, Eldest, and is working on Brisinger. Loves them.
4. Now combs his hair to the side with lots of gel. Too much gel, but we’re working on that.


1. Also loved scout camp—especially swimming, rifles, and space exploration. Completed 5 merit badges.
2. Has been reading more fiction. Loved Star Climber by Kenneth Oppal.
3. Got the president’s award, “A” honor roll award, and a special plaque and award for getting all A’s on every single report card during 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.
4. Has done very well off his meds a few days a week. This is a big improvement for him!


1. On the last day of school during her 3rd grade party she hit her head so hard from a fall in the bathroom that she had a headache and threw up. I picked her up early and took her to the ER, but she turned out just fine. She was sad she didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone.
2. Got the music award and the “A” honor roll award at the end of school.
3. Is reading the Anne of Green Gables series and loves it.
4. Is going to sing in the Valley Voices choir next year at school.


1. Had a fun “beach party” the last day of school.
2. Got all “3’s” on her report card. (Highest grade possible.)
3. While in Utah, my niece Nikki cut 8 inches off her hair. She donated it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation. She looks so grown up, and no more tears when we have to brush it.
4. Loves the Junie B. Jones series. (Sassy girl!) Hee hee.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a few photos from this summer. Love you all!

popsicles on the porch swing

James shooting a rifle @ scout camp
Jeffrey using his pants as a flotation device @ scout camp

Derek & the boys at Elvis’ birthplace on the way to scout camp

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