Art wall display (summer project #1)

So here is one of a few summer projects I’ve come up with. Actually, this was only my idea…the hubby did everything. Isn’t he awesome??!! I’ve struggled for years with a good way to display the kids artwork so it can be rotated, isn’t too expensive, time consuming, or difficult. I was inspired by all the clothes-line-type displays I’ve seen around. This project took a few hours and cost less than $10. We used extra baseboard paint we had lying around so if you have to buy the paint for this project, it will cost more than $10.

Here’s what you need:

1×4 beam cut to 56 inches (we used 2, you could use less or more)
5 clothespins for each board
hot glue gun
2 flathead screws (per beam) to mount on wall

1. Lightly sand edges of beam. Paint beam(s) and clothespins (take them apart first). Allow to dry completely.
2. Mark lightly with pencil 4 inches in from each end of beam, and then every 12 inches in between those marks. (You should have 5 marks when you’re done.)
3. Hot glue clothespins to marks on beam and allow to dry.
4. Find studs in wall, measure so beam(s) is centered. Mark on board where screws should go to match studs and drill holes. Mount boards to wall. (We left 18 inches in between beams.) Paint over screws.
5. Hang your child’s artwork, or let them hang it, and enjoy! Switch out as needed throughout the school year.

This would work great for a scrap room as well. You could hang your current/favorite projects and switch them out as you like. You could even add some cute embellishments to the beam or the clothespins. Now, if I only had more wall space in my scrap room…

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  1. Thanks for the idea Aly. I have been trying to use this same concept, but all of my projects were going to be very expensive. This will work great.

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