Summer project #2

When we moved into our home over 2 years ago we bought new couches and I bought some lovely matching throw pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond with those millions of coupons you get when you move…you know. It took all of 3 months for them to start coming apart at the seams. I should’ve taken them back and asked for a refund, but the crafter in me thought, I’ll just buy some cool fabric and make slip covers for these!

Well, here they are exactly 2 years later…LOL! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Actually, I like them even more than the originals even if they had held up better. There’s only one small problem. I made these the night before we left on our trip to DC, and in my rush I must’ve measured 1 inch short on one side of one pillow–it’s a gimpy pillow. My sweet hubby says not to worry about it, it looks fine. But I may have to buy a bit more fabric and redo it. I’m sure I’ll get to it within the next 2 years, right? =)

2 thoughts on “Summer project #2

  1. great job! Yeah the more expense stores stuff seem to fall apart easily. Yet, the stores like target and ross their stuff seems to last.

    I try not to buy anything from bed bath and beyond unless I have a coupon with a good sale.

    I would have sell parts of my body to pay for whatever I wanted out of there.

    Hmm..now I wished I had a sewing machine to make pillow covers for the travel pillows I use to use as throw pillows on the kids beds. They need new ones for their new bed lines. Go to 2 peas for the before after layout. I dont think pooh bear dora diego goes very well.

    sniff my kids are growing up..no where's the super glue to add bricks to their heads..just kidding.

  2. Super cute Aly! I like what you did with the fabrics, and you finished it! I have about a million things I always want to do, and they end up forgotten 😉 You have motivated me to be a little better about it!

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