Derek the Snake-Slayer (and other misadventures)

I thought we’d share some of what’s gone on over the last month. Most of our time has been spent getting ready for school, and adjusting to new school schedules. We did have a fun “end of summer” celebration and took the kids ice skating. Derek skated with the kids while I stood on the side and snapped photos. We’ve also spent some time fishing baby furniture out of the attic and getting it cleaned up and ready. Over the next month I need to hit some garage sales to stock up on clothes, etc since we gave most everything away.


1. Killed 2 pregnant copperhead snakes in our backyard. Go honey!! (Hopefully there aren’t anymore.)
2. Replaced the belt tensioner on our van. He’s been spending a lot of time on our ailing cars lately. =(
3. Is filling out applications for a faculty appointment at University of Utah, and will be attending a conference there in a few weeks. Cross your fingers!
4. Has been so helpful as I am getting more pregnant and tired: he even stayed up late one night cleaning the house and making a beautiful cake for Ashley’s birthday party. He’s a keeper!!


1. Feeling stiff, old, and tired at 34 weeks. =) Getting excited to meet this baby!
2. Won 1st place out of 100 entries in a local photo contest. (Click here and scroll down to see photo.) Prize was 4 passes to the local amusement+water park. Derek took the kids, and I stayed home and scrapped!
3. Worked almost a whole week for Lexie’s old kindergarten teacher the first full week of school. So grateful for the work, and more grateful that everyone made it through the lunch line okay and got home on the right bus!
4. Put together a musical number for a stake auxilliary training meeting. A women’s 3 part small ensemble singing one of my favorite songs, “We Rejoice”.


1. After band tryouts came away a french horn player, which is exactly what he was hoping. Scored a 10+ out of 10.
2. Bummed that his best friend moved right before school started. Isn’t really happy about school in general, but loves band and advisory period.
3. Had a staph infection but seems okay after hefty antibiotics. Glad that’s gone before baby comes. Also broke out in hives as a result of the antibiotics and missed a few days of school.
4. Has been very responsible about getting homework done, though he’s not happy about having any.


1. Came away from band tryouts a trumpet player (like Daddy was) and very happy about that. He also scored a 10+ out of 10. Maybe they can play duets!
2. Enjoys having James in Band, PE, and Pre-AP Science with him. We’re a little nervous about that, but so far they’ve done fine. Let’s hope it stays that way.
3. Likes middle school and has a very positive attitude about homework, which we very much appreciate.
4. Already missed a day of school due to a fever. Hope this doesn’t mean a bad cold/flu season for us!


1. Turned 9 and celebrated with a small birthday party and 2 friends over to play with dolls and watch An American Girl: Kit Kittrigde.
2. Got some webkinz, a book, a fun pen, and some roller blades. Her favorite was spending the Toys R Us gift card from Grandma and Grandpa on some stuffed animals and new doll clothes. (Thanks guys!)
3. Loves her new teacher! How can she not when her teacher does “the birthday dance” with her on her birthday?
4. Is starting Valley Voices choir on Fridays at 7am. She doesn’t realize it yet, but she’s going to love it! =)


1. True to form, she got sick the week before school started. My girl who catches everything! Most of us have gone through it, but thankfully it’s not too bad.
2. She got the teacher I requested and we’re all so happy! I subbed for her a lot last year and she’s the best 1st grade teacher at the school. Yay!
3. Got invited to an ice skating birthday party by a new friend in her class. Derek took her and they had a great time.
4. Enjoyed her first school project: an All About Me box she decorated and filled with her favorite things.

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  1. SO fun to read your family adventures! Wishing you the best with the new little one soon to arrive and with the Uof U position. Say HI to everyone.

  2. We wish Derek good luck! Sounds like school is in full swing for you guys. We don't start until after Labor day. So I'm scrambling to get the last minute stuff. Hope everything goes well with the baby. Love reading your blog and seeing how you guys are doing.

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