Christmas Concerts & Cuteness

Here’s what went down in November: Faith was blessed on the first Sunday of the month. Derek did a wonderful job and we are truly grateful for her sweet presence in our home. The weather here has been beautiful, and the kids have taken full advantage spending many hours outside riding scooters and bikes, jumping on the tramp, and playing badminton in the backyard. We enjoyed a low key but wonderful Thanksgiving with just ourselves. It was great to be together with nothing pulling us in different directions. Derek braved the early Black Friday sales to get some of our Christmas shopping done, and we had a unusual visit from a few deer in our backyard on Saturday morning (this seemed to be the most memborable part of the weekend other than the turkey dinner). Since Derek was off for a few days we put up our Christmas tree, lights, and decorations. Monday night was the annual city tree lighting+Christmas concert+free ice skating event, which we always enjoy. And the boys had their first band concert which went very well.


1. According to her blessing is a dilligent girl, just like her daddy
2. At her 2 month appointment she weighed 11lbs 7oz (50th percentile), and measured 23 inches (75th percentile)–she’s healthy and doing well
3. Started smiling, cooing, responding to us (which is really fun), and had her first stuffy nose
4. Sucks on her fists, sometimes sleeps with her eyes open, stares at windows, lights, and tv’s, and loves music


1. Had a few playdates a new friend from church, Olivia
2. LOVES making pictures or crafts for other people
3. Is currently reading the Magic Treehouse series
4. Is super helpful with Faith giving her the pacifier and helping cheer her up when she’s sad


1. Is a great babysitter and loves to hold Faith for long periods of time
2. Sang beautifully with the Valley Voices choir at the city tree lighting event
3. Loved reading the Septimus Heap series, and read all 3 in less than a month
4. Her favorite day is Friday since she has Valley Voices before school, and GRC (gifted class) during school


1. Played his french horn part wonderfully for his first concert
2. He and Jeffrey played paintball with the “big boys” for the first time
3. Is participating in the county-wide Battle of the Books competition
4. Has started showing signs of attitude…oops, I mean adolescence


1. Played the Silent Night trumpet part beautifully in a trio with James (french horn) and Ashley (singing) for primary at church
2. Has adopted the mantra “I have rights!”
3. Loved reading “The Lightning Thief” and can’t wait for the movie
4. Discovered Runescape on the computer and loves to play often


1. For our first date in months he took me to see “New Moon” with the baby, and to dinner with Lexie and the baby. At least we got out!
2. Had an article accepted for publication in Heart Rhythm
3. Has been filling out applications for a dozen positions at various universities
4. Had a great discussion with and gave a Book of Mormon to his friend Andy at work


1. Enjoys book club at church–this month they’re sharing theirr favorite children’s books
2. Brought Faith to Bunco and decided not to bring her next time so she can actually play =)
3. Had the pleasure of being a guest designer for a local scrapbook store she stumbled upon
4. Loves that Faith is now sleeping 5-7 hours a night…baby boot camp is over!

Halloween photo of the 3 ninjas (James, Jeffrey, & Ashley), the witch (Lexie), and the zebra (Faith), taken one week late. Oops.

Faith’s blessing day, Nov. 1st, 2009

Faith @ 2 months old

Lexie lovin’ on Faith

Ashley in her Valley Voices choir uniform

Jeffrey and James after their first band concert

Well, that’s all for now. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a wonderful recap of the month. So glad that you stumbled upon that scrapbook store and agreed to join us. You have a very beautiful family.
    xoxo, Christine

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