I’m Baaaack!

I’m back from my awesome trip to Southern Cali. I flew out on Friday morning and arrived in LA late afternoon. Faith was a super baby for both of the long trips. She slept most of the time and only fussed for about 20 seconds because she was mad I had to burp her in the middle of her lunch! My Dad picked us up from the airport and my parents took us out to dinner at Beach 26 in Marina Del Rey for my birthday. Thanks guys–that was yummy!

Saturday we left mid-morning for Santa Barbara to visit my brother (photos and more on that later), and it was so good to see him! We took him out to lunch at IHOP and then went to a park overlooking the beach and enjoyed some relaxing time on a blanket on the grass in the warm sun. Can’t beat the CA coast! I really miss the beach.

Sunday I went to church with my mom and spent most of the day calming my sweet fussy Faith. She had never had so much formula before and I think her little tummy wasn’t used to it. That night some friends of my parents came over for a yummy dinner of salad, sandwiches, cheeses, fruits and veggies.

Monday my wonderful parents watched Faith while I attended CHA in Anaheim. (Thanks again, guys!) I got there just in time to bump into some fabulous ladies from The Scrap Review (photo by Ashley Harris). Left to right: me, Ashley Harris, Paula Gilarde, and Kimberly Crawford.

Then I headed for a fun luncheon with Creating Keepsakes editors and contributors. You can watch the video HERE. And if you do, please ignore my weird flippy hair. Not sure what that was all about…

After that I walked the floor with some super scrappy and talented friends, Emily Pitts, Vivian Masket, and Paula Gilarde. It was so fun to see them and spend some time with them. Then I met up with these ladies for some chat time. (Photo by Elizabeth Dillow.) I had never met Elizabeth and Marnie before so that was way fun. Left to right: Elizabeth Dillow, me, Marnie Flores, Angie Lucas, Wendy Smedley, and Tina Cockburn.

After that I went out to dinner with these ladies from Write.Click.Scrapbook. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen. YUM! I had never met the amazing Stacy Julian in person before, and that was a real treat! I feel so fortunate to know and work with such creative, talented, and sweet chickies! (Photo by Elizabeth Dillow.)

After dinner I headed home to my baby. I had so much fun and was so glad I got to attend the show, but it was good to get back to Faith. I flew home the next morning to my sweet family who made me cards and a banner and gave me lots of hugs. Special thanks to my super hubby for sending me on this trip for my birthday and holding down the fort so well while I was gone. The only mishap was that Ashley dressed up for pajama day on the wrong day, so things could have been a lot worse!

I’ll be back soon with a list of my favorite products from the show.

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  1. It was such a highlight to get to spend some time with you, Aly! : ) I'm totally taking a picture of you with your flippy hair with me when I finally get mine cut for LofL so I can be your twin, hee hee.

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