Favs and Fads from CHA

I had such a whirlwind trip to CHA–basically 5 hours to see everything I needed to see–that I hardly took any photos. So I will be borrowing photos from some online friends, giving proper credit of course. But I did see some things I LOVED and I also noticed a few trends as well. First I’ll start with my personal favorites in no particular order:

1. Dear Lizzy by American Crafts:

(photo by Ashley Harris)

I got to meet Elizabeth and she is just as adorable as her new line is. So talented.

2. Studio Calico’s Anthology:

(photo by me)

I love the soft colors and the cool patterns in this line. And those fabrips? Too fun!

3. Cosmo Cricket:

(photo by Tina Cockburn)

I honestly LOVED everything Cosmo put out this time. I didn’t think I’d like some of their lines until I saw them in person, and now I’m a believer!

4. October Afternoon The Thrift Shop and Fly a Kite:

(photo by Paula Gilarde)

These lines are too cute!

5. And possibly my favorite…Core’dinations Coordinating Embossed Cardstock:

(photo by Paula Gilarde)

There are packs of this lucious cardstock to match Jenni Bowlin, Cosmo Cricket, and Jillibean Soup lines. What a brilliant and creative idea! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

Now a quick run down of some fads I noticed. I’m not going to take the time to find photos for all of these, but you’ll get the idea:

1. The handmade homespun movement has made its way into paper lines. So many manufacturers came out with lines that surround the sewing, domestic, and homemade theme. Some I recall off the top of my head: October Afternoon, Cosmo Cricket, American Crafts…and there are many more.

2. Pennant banners and mobiles were everywhere! Several manufacturers had these in their decor and in their new lines.

3. Fabric, fabric and more fabric. Several manufacturers debuted new fabric lines at this show. Hmm…could this have anything to do with #1?

4. Some manufacturers are expanding beyond just scrapping products to draw in a more diverse market of crafters. For example #3 above, and jewelry to name a few. Just good business I guess.

5. Cute and kitschy are in. Many manufacturers debuted lines that make me feel like I’m back in 3rd grade at my favorite Hallmark store in the Hello Kitty aisle buying mini pencil kits and clear plastic mini lunch boxes filled with mini erasers. So fun!

Well, that’s all for the CHA report. I had a great time and came away super inspired. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my scrap on…

4 thoughts on “Favs and Fads from CHA

  1. Gosh, I just have to say I want to come over and listen to music and have some dessert with you or something : ) I love Sondre Lerche, who popped up when I visited tonight. Funny story: the music director my sister hired for her church is a good friend of Sondre Lerche. He told me on Sunday that his real last name is Volar (or something like that, I didn't see it in print) but uses Lerche because Volar is more common in Norway. Huh. : )

    And that concludes tonight's weirdo music communication from me. I feel like I have a series of them started now… ; )

  2. thanks for the rundown aly! i didn't get to go this time, so it's nice to live vicariously through you!


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