A Plea for Help

The First Presidency (the Prophet and his two couselors) of the church I belong to (LDS church) issued a plea for donations to help the people of Haiti, as well as prayers for God to send a sense of peace and calm over them during this terrible time. You can read this statement HERE.

Our church has an amazing system of welfare and humanitarian aid that is funded by donations as well as the tithing (10% of income) paid by members of the church around the world. What I love about this humanitarian aid organization is that 100% of the proceeds goes directly to providing basic life sustaining materials during disaster recovery (ie water, food, clothing, medicine, blankets, hygiene kits, infant formula, diapers, etc.)

If you have not had the opportunity to donate yet and are interested in doing so you can CLICK HERE to read more about this organization, and you can CLICK HERE to make a donation online.

Every bit helps.

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