It’s been a while…

…since our last family update. Actually, it was last year…last decade even! LOL! Anyway, we’ve been busy but good. We had a wonderful quiet Christmas at home with 2 sets of missionaries over for dinner. The kids enjoyed the break from school and we did some fun family activities: dollar movies, science center, and library. Some friends from church came over for a New Year party with games, food, and a dollar store gift exchange. In January we broke several records with a few weeks of lows in the teens, and had a much hyped up and highly anticipated “snow day” (school cancelled) that turned out to be a disappointment.

1. Arranged for some weatherization home improvements through a government program–insulating floors, better weather stripping, insulating attic and crawl space doors, etc.
2. Installed lights and additional shelving in our closets.
3. Worked on various grants and publications.
4. Visited the University of Utah to give a talk and discuss possible future appointments.

Me and Derek: Cheesy Self Portraits

1. Teaching classes and doing more design work for the local scrapbook store.
2. Enjoyed singing “Mary’s Lullaby” at church for the Christmas program.
3. Participating in a Book of Mormon reading challenge with the boys.
4. Had a wonderful trip to Los Angeles with Faith to visit Grandparents and attend the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. (Read all about my trip HERE.) While there we drove up to Santa Barbara to visit my brother Jeffrey who I hadn’t seen for a few years. He also got to meet Faith for the first time.

Grandma & Grandpa Keeler, Uncle Jeffrey, and Faith in Santa Barbara, CA

1. Earned 1st chair in the french horn section at seating placements.
2. Had a great 12th birthday party playing paintball with Jeffrey and a dozen other boys.
3. Writes a bit more in the sci-fi book “The Bermuda Triangle” he’s authoring every day.
4. Enjoyed his first trip to the temple, and a few invitations over Christmas break to attend activities with the youth (Jeffrey, too).
5. Favorite Christmas present: Electronics kit.

1. Earned 2nd chair in the larger trumpet section. First chair is a girl who’s been playing much longer than Jeffrey. He was pretty excited.
2. Won a school-wide essay contest. The prize was a spa day for his English teacher–lucky lady!
3. Enjoys passing the sacrament on Sundays with James now that they’ve both been ordained as Deacons.
4. Was very reponsible (and excited!) about taking care of a friend’s lizard over Christmas break while he was out of town (as did James). They even earned some money!
5. Loved attending the PapaJohns.com Bowl with Derek and James.
6. Favorite Christmas present: an R/C tank.

1. Babysat a few little girls while Derek and the missionaries had a discussion with their parents. She was thrilled, and did a great job!
2. Did a beautiful poster project on the planet Venus.
3. Holds Faith for long periods of time while I’m cooking/cleaning, etc. Faith LOVES it, and so does Ashley.
4. Enjoyed going out to lunch and dinner with Me and the other girls while Derek took the boys on a few outings.
5. Favorite Christmas present: a new bike.

1. Went ice skating with some friends from school over Christmas break.
2. Was thrilled that Faith and I attended her class Christmas party at school. Faith was the most exciting event at the party!
3. Did an awesome poster project on snowy owls.
4. Is my regular dependable bath helper for Faith. Has dubbed herself the bath expert!
5. Was very sad while Derek, Faith, and I were out of town.
6. Favorite Christmas present: a 2-wheeled scooter.

1. Was 26.5 inches long and weighed 13 lbs 13 oz at her 4 month check up. Got a small fever from her shots as well.
2. Smiles big and often. Laughs only ocassionally for short periods–she seems to have a sweet soberness about her. (We need that at our house!)
3. Grabs on to whatever she can reach, including hair, noses, lips, dinner plates, toys, etc.
4. Prefers to nap in our bed and falls asleep better with someone snuggled up to her. Is getting back to a better sleep routine after getting off kilter from our trip.
5. Her little personality is starting to shine through more, and we love it!
6. Favorite Christmas present: a high chair from Grandma and Grandpa.

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  1. So fun to read updates about your family. I can't believe how quickly your kids grow. Faith is a DOLL!!!! I can see why Ashley wants to hold her.
    Hope you had fun at CHA…what a great b-day gift….and a wonderful hubby to help you get there. We miss you guys (y'all)!

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