It happened like this

We had a REAL snow day, but the kids had to go to school. Then they decided to let them out early in the middle of the snow storm…go figure?? But they finally got to play in the snow and make a snowman and all that fun stuff. For Valentine’s Day Derek and I (and Faith) went on a marathon date leaving the four older kids at home for several hours. We went out to dinner, saw a movie, and then went shopping. We really enjoyed spending so much time together even with our little third wheel. =) We’re looking forward to Spring Break next week and a visit from my parents.


1. Has had some all-nighters at work because a few human hearts (replaced during transplants) have been donated to the lab for research. You never know when those are coming in.
2. Had an article published in Heart Rhythm magazine that released yesterday.
3. Is attending the American Cardiology Conference in Atlanta next week. So cool he can drive 2 hours and attend this one!


1. Giving more of her attention to Faith as she has figured out that she likes being in Mommy’s arms better than hanging out in the swing or the exersaucer.
2. Gets on the treadmill 3 or 4 days a week and now uses weights as well in an attempt to tone her flabby arms.
3. Some days feels like she is drowning in scrapbooking deadlines. Recently lightened the load and is no longer reporting for The Scrap Review.


1. Really looks forward to his weekly Battle of the Books meetings after school.
2. Lost some privileges (TV, computer, legos) for consistently being difficult when asked to go to bed. (I wish somebody would tell me to go to bed at 9:00pm and then stay up and do the dishes and laundry for me!) Is working on earning said privileges back.
3. Had a wonderful experience (as did Jeffrey) knocking doors with the missionaries at a recent stake young men’s activity.


1. Received his first class rank in scouting (along with James) and a few more merit badges at a recent court of honor.
2. Is doing extra chores to earn money to buy his “own star.” I guess there’s a company that will name a star after you if you pay a fee.
3. Also lost the same privileges as James after consistently acting out in class at church and is trying to earn them back. (Though we may make this permanent since we love how active they are and how often they spend time with the family now.)


1. Enjoyed a recent stake activity day girls event where they did some crafts, played games, and learned some girls’ camp songs. She now can’t wait until she’s 12 and can actually go to camp!
2. Is so excited about her all-day field trip to Montgomery tomorrow, especially since another field trip was canceled twice because of our only 2 snow days–bad luck!
3. Is starting twice weekly rehearsals for her Valley Voices choir before school.


1. Did great on her solo for her school music program. Both Derek and I (and Faith) attended and she just beamed the whole time.
2. Is having some trouble getting distracted while doing homework and chores after school lately. Needs several reminders to stay on track. This is seeming all too familiar…
3. Has devoured several Magic Tree House books lately. I can’t seem to keep the supply coming fast enough!
4. Dressed up as Cindy Lou Who for Dr. Seuss day at school last week.


1. Rolled over onto her tummy once, but hasn’t repeated the feat since. She really prefers to be in the exersaucer over laying on the floor.
2. Is starting to be wary of strangers and will cry sometimes if they try to hold her.
3. Often grabs/plays with her feet, sucks on her bottom lip, and tries to put her pacifier back in her mouth (she actually gets it in there the right way occasionally!)
4. Started solid foods and has the following in her arsenal: rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and sweet peas.

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