Three on Thursday

So, I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now. I’ve seen the lists on other crafters’ blogs–Ten on Tuesday, Five on Friday, etc–and I’ve avoided doing these because I don’t want to be tied down to any specific schedule or expectation that I can’t always meet. Until now. I’ve decided that I think I can handle a “Three on Thursday” list of inspiration or ideas that I come across that I think might be worth passing on to you. So, here goes…

1. Say the word “free” and I’m so there! Have you downloaded the new FREE Ella ebook yet? I have. It’s such a clever idea–a sampling of all of the ebooks published so far so readers can get a feel for what kind of content they can look forward to if they purchase an Ella ebook. Gotta love the ingenuity and creativity of that Angie Lucas girl. Top notch publications. She’s so cool.

FREE Super Sampler: 34 tips, ideas, and insights  from Ella's eBooks

2. Check out these adorable Easter egg decorating ideas from the Martha Stewart website. Glitter stickers, spray adhesive and glitter, masking and glitter mist? So cute. I’m definitely getting me some glitter stickers/letters for my eggs this year!

3. Love these free printable patterns from Lovely Design. She gives away a new one each month. I’m saving them to make a pattern desk calendar.

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