It happened like this…

We enjoyed a wonderful spring break, including a visit from my parents who flew all the way out here from California. We took them to the Birmingham Art Museum, which we’d never been to. We met Derek there for lunch since he works 5 minutes away. We also spent an afternoon at Oak Mountain state park (just down the road) and toured the animal rehab center. Then Derek took a few days off and we all went down to Gulf Shores and stayed a few nights. The weather on Friday was perfect for our day at the beach. We walked out on the pier, ate a picnic lunch, and played in the sand all day. The kids’ favorite part was “mining” for clams and then watching them dig into the sand. Everyone but Grandma came away with a random sunburned spot missed by sunblock, but we all had a great time. The next day we went to the Naval Air Station museum in Pensacola. It was very impressive! The perfect place for our military fans—Grandpa and Jeffrey—and enjoyed by everyone. We had a great visit and are reminded of how blessed we are with wonderful and generous parents.

1. Finished fixing a pressure washer he got for $10 and cleaned the brick and stone in our backyard. One of the many things I love about that man!!
2. Went on a scout camp out with the boys where they did a service project and prepared the campsite for the Daddy Daughter campout coming up this weekend for church.
3. Is working on co-authoring a book chapter with a Cardiologist coworker, and gave a great talk on atrial fibrillation to his research lab.
1. Have all but given up on book club at church as I have no time to read now. The next meeting is in June and we’re reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Bets on whether I’ll actually get it read by then??
2. Have gotten some more assignments from some scrapbooking magazines lately—that’s always happy because I know it’s worth my time and effort. I would love to keep getting that kind of email!
3. Need to reorganize and baby proof this house!
1. Prepared his traditional holiday treasure hunt for the other kids with the prize being some of his own candy and a quarter for each kid. So sweet!
2. Finished all the requirements for the Star rank in scouting (as did Jeffrey). They’re on track to get their Eagles by 13. Go boys!!
3. Is doing much better at going to bed without arguing. Now we’re working on respectful behavior and following directions nicely. (Why does this sound like I’m dealing with a toddler?)
1. Has done a super job with good behavior at church lately. His Sunday School teacher said he was the best behaved last Sunday. Says a lot considering it’s a class full of rowdy boys. Now we’re going to work on avoiding disrespectful and defiant behavior toward adults. (Hmm…does this seem like a recurring theme??)
2. Has gotten several good notes from his school teachers lately. (In case you think the worst, he actually behaves really well at school, it’s just church and home we’re working on.)
3. Is reading the Chronicles of Narnia and loving them.
1. Is my #1 go-to babysitter when I need to get stuff done around the house. She adores holding Faith and the feeling is mutual. The other day Faith fell asleep in her arms while they were sitting on the couch and they stayed there for 1 ½ hours. I kept asking her if she wanted me to put the baby in her crib, but she insisted on holding her.
2. Also loves to feed Faith which comes in very handy. I think we’ll keep her. =)
3. Loved her new lavender Easter dress.
1. Loved her field trip to the Golden Flake potato chip factory.
2. Earned some extra money for her school book fair and came home so excited with her book and toys.
3. Finished memorizing all 13 Articles of Faith at church and earned a giant candy bar. She was worried she would be the only one in the family who didn’t memorize them all because she’s the youngest, but she did an awesome job!
1. Is very good at rolling over now. Life will never be the same. =)
2. Makes lots of cute sounds, especially “da da da”. I’m working hard with her on the “ma ma ma” sound. So far nothing. Not fair.
3. Thinks she needs to sleep with mommy all night. She’s got another think coming. Not that I don’t enjoy snuggling her, but all night is a bit excessive.
4. Weighed 15 lbs 6 oz at her 6 month check up.
5. Just got her first case of thrush, so we’re both on meds for a few weeks now. Not fun.

We are grateful that Derek’s parents safely returned from an 18 month mission in India. Hopefully we’ll get to see them soon as they are closer than before, but still almost 2,000 miles away. That’s all for now. =)

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  1. Wow- sounds like quite a busy time! I can't wait to get to know you better on the Jillibean team. How fun it must be to talk to your in-laws about their mission to India. I went to Bolivia 10 years ago now (yikes!) and am still so grateful for that time. How old is Lexie? That's great that she's memorized all of the A of F. My 5 year old can do really well as long as she sings the Primary songs that go with them 🙂 Those songs help me to remember, too♥

  2. I just finished that book and I really loved it. It was a quick read, but you are very busy! 🙂

    Faith is just gorgeous…you're right, resistance is futile!

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