Three on Thursday: NSBR Edition

1. Mother’s Day gift idea: (This really isn’t scrapbook related…I promise.) I did this when I was teaching preschool and I’ve done this with my kids for our grandmas. Have the kids paint, stamp, or draw a design that can be cut up. Glue cropped sections of it onto the front of blank cards. Make 8-12 of these, and include blank envelopes. Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, friends will LOVE it–guaranteed!

2. Rented and watched this over the weekend. LOVED IT!! We let the boys watch it and they loved it too. I mean, what 12 year old boy would not love the combination of outer space, military action, futuristic science, aliens, and robots?

3. This is the greatest baby invention since I’ve been having kids. They’re like teething biscuits, but they don’t make a huge mess, and they melt in the baby’s mouth because they’re made out of rice. They can break, but don’t make lots of crumbs. Faith LOVES them, and so do I. =)

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