Three on Thursday

1. Summer Squash Soup is in da house y’all!! I am SO enjoying this mid-season release from Jillibean Soup with it’s bright fun summer colors, and adorable patterns. Aren’t those little fishies the best?!? My kids worked their “clam mines” for hours while we were at the beach over Spring Break. Good times.

(click on image to enlarge)

2. I’m almost half-way through with this bookand it’s very charming. I would definitely recommend it. =)

3. Last, and surely not least, I need to say a long-deserved THANK YOU to you wonderful readers. I truly appreciate your sweet comments. Though I’m not always able to answer them (trying to find a balance with 5 kids and a busy life), I do read them all and they all make me smile. Thanks again. =)

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