three on thursday: wall decal project

I promised my daughters we could do a partial redecoration of their room when we move, and add a few fun new goodies. So I ordered these wall decals from AllModern.com since they both fell in love with them. Because they can be removed and repositioned with out damaging the walls, we decided to go ahead and put them up in their room before we move. And since they have a neat-o mural scene on one of their walls, we thought it would look pretty cool–and it does!

Here’s what we got in the mail yesterday (I love when products come in adorable packaging. We’ll be keeping and probably altering that canister):

And here’s what we found inside. Just like giant stickers. It comes with 12 of these sheets, so you get a ton!

And just in case you were wondering, here’s the “three” part of this “three on thursday” post: the directions are just this easy–1) peel 2) stick 3) smooth.

So easy, in fact, my 9 and 7 year old daughters did this with only a few guidelines and suggestions from me. It only took them about 30 minutes.

How. Adorable. Is. This? (Click on image to see just how adorable it really is.)

There are 6 sheets left over, plus the big “F” for my baby Faith. Those will go up in her new room when we move. The girls did end up having to pull some stickers up to reposition them, and they truly did come up easily and leave no residue or damage. They stuck to their new place just as well as their original place. What more can you ask for? Now go get you some. Seriously. =)

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