three on thursday: scrapping things

So, lately I’ve been thinking about photographing things other than people–places, objects, etc. I really enjoy it. I actually think I’m better at it than I am at photographing people, LOL! I’ve also been thinking about why we photograph and scrapbook things, so I browsed through my albums and found some pages about things. I thought I’d share these with you, along with why I think we sometimes photograph things instead of people.

1. Sometimes we photograph things/places to remember or celebrate special events. For example we might photograph our high school building when we graduate, a christmas tree, birthday gifts, or our braces after we get them off. We live in Alabama where we’re lucky if it snows once a year, and even luckier if it sticks. To remember this special day last winter, I took these photos and created this page.

2. Sometimes we photograph things/places to tell a story. We might photograph some books to tell the story about our love for reading, our child’s artwork to tell the about their love for art, or a favorite shell to tell the story of our trip to the beach. I took these photos and created this page to tell the story of one of my favorite things about traveling to CHA–eating out with friends.

3. We sometimes photograph precious things to preserve them. We might photograph an heirloom piece of furniture or jewelry, the house we grew up in, or our grandparents’ marriage certificate. This is a page about some savings bonds my grandfather gave me when I was a baby. I recently cashed them out, but wanted to keep a record of them before I did. That’s his handwriting addressed to me, and I think that’s pretty cool because I was only 4 when he passed away.

So my challenge to you this week is to take a break from photographing and scrapbooking the people you love. Take some photos of and scrapbook a page about something or someplace that is important to you. Link me up if you do!

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