three on thursday: some projects, and a quick update

1. Here is my “sprout wreath”–one of my projects for CHA. I used the new Monster Stew line papers and sprouts (LOVE the new sprouts).

I also painted the brown cool bean buttons black, and added some Jillibean black twine for legs to make spiders.

2. Here is my little tag using the new atomic soup line. I’ve done a few more projects with this line that I’ll show you later. LOVE! (sorry for the bad photo)

3. So much has happened this summer, and I don’t have time to write a full update now. I’ll just give you the basic scoop: we’re moving to this lovely 6 bed/4 bath Centerville, UT home. We’re closing on August 16th just in time for the kids to get into school. I’ll be out of web-land from about August 10th until August 20th or so. I’ll try to schedule a few project posts in the meantime, but I won’t be checking comments so…see you on the flipside!

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