Now that we’re getting settled in our new home, I’ve been turning my thoughts to replacing some of our furniture, and decorating. Our dining room set is well worn and we will soon outgrow it (it only seats 6 which is okay until Faith needs something more than her high chair). I’ve been browsing through online stores trying to figure out what kind of dining set would work in our new dining room with our light floors and kitchen cabinets.

I’d like to create some contrast to match our dark wood moulding in the kitchen, so I found some styles and colors of dining room chairs and tables I think would work:

What do you think?

I’m also thinking about what I want to fill our walls with–it’s kind of tricky with our 2nd story vaulted ceiling in the living room. How high do I hang stuff? Anyway, I’m really liking all of the vinyl wall art I’m seeing out there, so I’m getting some cool quotes/phrases like these:

I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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  1. Number is two similar to what we have because we have light walls. I'd love the wall art. I'd love to have the following words posted in my house authentic empathitic faithful sincere wise they are great character traits to instill.
    There is a place called picadilly peedlers they have a blog. If you can't google them email me. i will get you a direct link.

    Check out this:

    Pottery barn has some cool new fall decorations in it too. I don't know if you can make similar for decorations.

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