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The church I belong to has encouraged its members for many years now to plan and hold weekly family nights called family home evening. They usually occur on Monday nights, but can be any night that works best for each family. The idea is that the whole family is there–arranging schedules for this can be tricky, but is SO worth it! Church hymns are sung, prayer is given, the gospel is taught, scriptures are read, games are played, and treats are devoured. Everyone has a specific assignment, and everyone participates.

We’ve been doing it regularly since we got married, and it’s something we all look forward to every week. To keep track of who is assigned to do what, we use a chart. When we moved to our new house, the chart we had been using was really out-dated, and I was ready for an upgrade. So, here is what I came up with:

The board is 8x24x1 inches, the vinyl I purchased at this online store–it came as a whole piece which made it easy to place on the board so everything lined up.  It even had dots to mark where the hooks should go.  The “hooks” are cabinet knobs I picked up at Home Depot, and the letters are Cosmo Cricket chipboard button alphas.  I tied some black twine to hang them.  I used leftovers of the spray paint from this project.  We just rotate the letters (everyone’s initials) to the right, and move the last one back to the front of the line.

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