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Each holiday season one of my favorite things to do is browse the web for all the adorable and creative advent countdowns out there.  I find everything from cookie sheets, to shoe organizers, to paper chains, and more.  One of the cutest ones I’ve seen out there is this take out box advent from Stampin Up.  It is so adorable, and comes in a pre-cut kit which makes everything so easy to put together.  What’s even better is you can leave it just the way it comes in the kit, or if you feel like adding your own personal touch you can embellish to your heart’s content.  I’m actually working on one right now, and since the folks at Stampin’ Up are not only creative but oh so generous, I’ve got an extra kit to give away to one of you!

Leave a comment telling me what your advent countdown is like, or if you don’t have one, tell me about a cute one you’ve seen before.  Or you could just tell me you want this one, LOL!  I’ll randomly draw a winner on Monday afternoon.  Good luck!!

ETA: Comments for this post are now closed.  A winner will be announced this afternoon.  Thanks for entering!

88 thoughts on “how ’bout a give away!!

  1. Yeah I'll take this one!!! LOL…I have seens SOOOOO much Cuteness already for Christmas decor…I think the magnetic advents calendars are darling too….where you use a cookie sheet and make your own embellies…..darling!!!

  2. Oh wow! Christmas songs coming from your website — I'm getting teary!! I love making Christmas special only because of my children — prior to motherhood I was all bah humbug. Your advent boxes remind me of the magic of the countdown.

  3. What a gorgeous way to count down for the Advent season! I have been looking for a number of years for one that I like, and I think the boxes might be what I want! I like that the boxes can hold a variety of things from candy to papers telling us to do something fun and meaningful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I want to do this so bad this year. We got a cheap one with crappy chocolates from Target for Halloween to see if the idea would interest my daughter. She loved opening it everyday but hated the crappy chocolate, lol. This would be fun to put my own stuff in.

  5. I want to do this so bad this year. We got a cheap one with crappy chocolates from Target for Halloween to see if the idea would interest my daughter. She loved opening it everyday but hated the crappy chocolate, lol. This would be fun to put my own stuff in.

  6. I've never done Stampin'Up but have a niece that does. I'm hoping that on Thanksgiving I get a little exposure. I want to find out what it is all about.
    I really like the Chinese food take-out boxes. I've seen a lot of things done with them and I think now is the time to get some.
    Thanks for sharing in more than one way.

  7. My advent calendar is a little Christmas Tree with doors for each day that I bought at Target. It's cute, but you can only fit a couple of Hershey's Kisses in each door. I want to do more!

  8. This is adorable! We have a little wooden tree with pegs on it and have numbered stars that we hang on it each day. The kids are teenageres now but still love to add a star each day.

  9. Even though the kids are 22 and 26, they get a Chocolate advent calendar each year. These calendars have a small piece of chocolate for each day.

  10. Adorable! My mom has a fabric advent calendar that my aunt made for my sister and I when we were kids that you pin "ornaments" to – but I never saw one cute enough to replace it with in my own home until now!

  11. These are so cute. I do have an Advent calendar, it is fabric and very cute, with a little mouse that counts down the days. It is the one thing that has lasted for years. It was a gift to me from my mother many years ago and came from Avon, believe it or not. The kids are grown and have moved away, but I still count down to the holidays.

  12. This is sooooo cute!!! We have a playmobil advent nativity scene where each day you open up another piece to the set. I would love a set like you are giving away as i would love to have a family activity each day in there.

  13. I've never done an advent calander before, but I've wanted to & have been looking for the perfect one this year. This one looks awesome! I would LOVE it!

  14. I really, really want to make an advent calendar this year and yours is gorgeous! I would have never thought to make it out of takeout boxes!

  15. When we were children we used to make our advent calendar from two asheets of paper stuck together at the edges, Doors were 'cut' with a pin and duly decorated inside and out. We then sellotaped them on a door and had fu, As years went by we were given the shop bought chocolate ones. Now we have a son of our own we are encouraging handmade decoration again. Albeit he is only 4yo, he enjoys 'mucking in'. Our decorations and advent calendars are always different from anyone elses!!! :O)
    Anne :O)

  16. My husband alwways got those little chocolate advent calendars as a kid. So, we always get one for our girls. But I really want something a little more clever. This idea is perfect. I would love to win!!

  17. I really love this calendar. Why I would like to have it?

    Only 11 days left and another three calendars to be done. Reason enough?
    That would be a great help 😉

    Greetings from Germany


  18. I love this advent calendar!! I just saw one that was a bunch of boxes attached to a canvas. It looked really nice and I like how each box's varying size give you the opportunity to put different sized gifts.

    I would really love to win this advent calendar because my new husband and I are finally getting our own place this holiday season. It would be a great way to celebrate!

    I'm super excited to have found your blog. You can find mine at http://craftinginahurry.wordpress.com/

    Happy Holidays,

    Laura McC

  19. I've been wanting to make an advent calendar for our family, but haven't found one that I really like that would be big enough for our 5 kiddos. This one might actually work.

  20. This is so cute! I think one of the cutest advent "calendars" I've seen was little houses cut out on a Cricut and each house was numbered and filled with treats and toys. Love this idea!

  21. Those are super cute…the one that we had growing up was super simple, but it brings back great memories. Just a fabric hanging with a mouse that you move closer to the christmas scene :0)

  22. We always read a christmas story every night from a collection in a binder. I have been looking for something cute to hang up to go with this – your's would be great for after story time.

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