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For the most part November was mild weather-wise, though we’re ending the month with some record cold temperatures and what was expected to be “the blizzard of the decade”, but really wasn’t all that. The kids have sure enjoyed playing in the 4 inches of snow that we did get. We enjoyed a visit from my parents who were here for my uncle’s wedding, and they took us to see the new Harry Potter movie. We also got to have 2 of my cousins and their families over for family home evening.  This Thanksgiving was the second time in our almost 14 years of marriage that we spent the day separated.  Ashley came down with strep throat so me, her, and baby Faith stayed home while Derek took the other 3 kids to Aunt Kristen’s for a yummy family feast.  So we did a Thanksgiving re-do on Friday with us all together. =)


1. Took a trip to Birmingham for work (though that part of it was not so successful), and to do some maintenance on our house there. He also met with the family that is going to lease our home for the next 10 months or so. They plan on purchasing it in July. We’re crossing our fingers!
2. Four of his sisters flew out for a visit to cheer up one of his sisters here, Jeannie, who has had some health issues lately.  It was fun to see them and we got to host some of them for a couple of days.  We also got together with them and the Utah crew for Sunday dinner which was great.
3. Put plastic up in our windows to better insulate the house during the winter.  So far it seems to be keeping the rooms warmer, and hopefully it will also help reduce our utility bills.


1. Just got called to serve as an activity day leader for Ashley’s age group at church. I’m excited to get started!
2. Has enjoyed some opportunities to review products for an online group of stores called CSN Stores. They sell everything from children’s backpacks, to toys, to home accents, to furniture. It’s been fun to try out some of their neat products.
3. Sang in sacrament meeting while Derek was out of town, and then again the next Sunday with the whole family (minus sick Lexie) for the Primary program, and then again tomorrow in Relief Society.  They’re going to get so sick of me!


1. Is very self-disciplined about his time–his goal is to spend time reading the scriptures, and writing his book, in addition to all his homework and chores each day.  He’s done really well so far.
2. He and Jeffrey had their board of review and will receive their Life rank in scouts at the next court of honor.
3. Joined the Science Olympiad team which meets on Wednesdays after school.


1. Has done really well getting himself up with an alarm clock (as has James). Gets ready on his own very quickly and stays on task in the mornings.
 2. Cheerfully helped out our elderly neighbors across the street by raking leaves (with Derek, James, and Ashley) and shoveling snow in their yard.
3. Loves to watch Faith for me when I have to run out for short errands or taxi driving. =)


1. Was the star student in her class and got to decorate a poster with some pictures of her and the things she likes to do.
2. Will start taking ballet 2 days a week next month. Her dance teacher suggested she would progress faster with the 2 classes, and since she loves it and it doesn’t cost that much more, we’ll give it a try.
3. Is putting together a play with the other kids over Thanksgiving break.

1. Shared one of her crafts at the talent show for her musical theater class.
2. Got strep throat and missed the Primary program at church, as well as the new Harry Potter movie. (I took her to see it when she got better.)
3. Really enjoyed visiting some local widows to deliver flowers with her activity day group from church.


1. Has cut 4 more teeth in the last month and now has 8. It’s made for some fussy days and rough nights–Motrin has become our friend. =)
2. Can now open doors which means we have to keep a closer eye on where she is.
3. Learned some new words: “bah-bah-bah” for banana, “pappy” for pacie, and I can’t exactly write them, but she has words for each of the kids that are very cute and distinct.

having fun while raking leaves

a visit from tall grandma & grandpa

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