CHA prep

Each time I’ve had the opportunity to attend the trade show I feel like my creative senses are on overload!  There are so many amazing new products and so much incredible talent and inspiration on display that it’s hard to soak it all in.  So, this year I’m going well prepared.  I decided to make myself a CHA notebook where I can easily record everything I want to remember.  Of course I’ll have my camera and video camera on hand, but I’ll need somewhere to write down notes:
Notebook cover
Notebook inside pages
This notebook has 3 divided sections: people, products, and to do.  I wanted to be sure to have sections where I can keep track of contacts, record notes about new products, and keep a schedule of some kind with some to-do lists.  It also has an envelope and pocket for business cards, and a pocket to keep receipts.
This idea doesn’t just work for CHA, though.  If this project inspires you, you can adapt it to meet your needs.  It could be an art journal with sections for color inspiration, design ideas, and future projects.  Or it could be an address book, or an organizer with sections for grocery lists, schedules, and to-do lists.  The pockets could be for receipts and coupons.  Whatever tickles your creative/organizational fancy!
So, how did I make this?  Good question.  I first picked up the notebook from Walmart for a few dollars.  I then decided on a paper line that makes me smile (Echo Park Paper Co., Life Is Good).  Then, I gently pulled apart the wire binding, and took out the notebook covers:
Take off covers
I covered them with paper and embellishments, and then punched out the binding holes with a 1/4 inch square punch (you could also use a craft knife)
Cutting holes
Punched out covers
For the inside divider pages, I just took them out, and traced them on some patterned paper (don’t forget to trace the binding squares).  Then I cut them out and punched out the binding squares, covered the front and back of the dividers,  and replaced everything back in the order it was.
The envelope/pocket page was a bit tricky, but once I figured out that it was folded over and all opened up flat I just traced it in sections, filled the inside of the divider with paper, and it worked out great.

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