spring break in san diego

Sunday night we got back from an awesome spring break in gorgeous San Diego, CA.  We stayed in La Jolla and spent three days at Sea World, and one day in La Jolla visiting the LDS temple, the Mormon Batallion visitor center (way cool), the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and the La Jolla Cove tide pools and Sea Lion beach (our favorite by far).  We took two days to drive each way and stayed with my brother and his family in Las Vegas twice (thanks guys).  At the end of our trip we also spent the afternoon taking my brother in Santa Barbara to lunch, and stayed a night with my parents in LA.  It was a great trip!

Here are some of our favorites from Sea World:
Biff and the Sea Lion show; getting drenched at the dolphin show (Lexie); getting splashed by shamu (though the whales were awesome, the show wasn’t that great); riding and getting drenched on Journey to Atlantis (all the kids); SHARKS (Jeffrey); seeing a giant fig tree (James); fishies, bat rays, and birds (Faith); touching a dolphin (Ashley); spending lots of time together doing whatever we wanted (everyone)!

Sea World (click to enlarge)

Here are our favorites from La Jolla and Santa Barbara:
Climbing down 145 stairs to see the Sea Cave and taking a photo (Mom); watching the seals and pelicans at La Jolla cove (Faith); finding sea anemones, crabs, and a cool starfish in the tide pools (everyone, but mostly James); watching the moving picture frames and panning for gold at the Mormon Battalion visitor center (Ashley and Lexie); seeing more sharks at the Birch Aquarium (Jeffrey);

La Jolla and Santa Barbara (click to enlarge)

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