As some of you know, we lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area for almost six years and only moved out west just last August.  We actually still own our home out there and are leasing it with the plan that the renters will purchase it this summer.  Obviously when reports started to surface about a massive tornado in the Birmingham area Wednesday we were concerned not only for our property, but for all of our dear friends, and have since been praying for them and for everyone there who was effected by these unbelievable storms.  We went through many storm systems and tornado sirens while we lived there, but never anything close to what happened this time.  While we’re so glad we aren’t there, we feel so terribly sad for everyone there.  This video below of the massive tornado that went right through Tuscaloosa and on to Birmingham is the craziest one I’ve seen out there.  It’s a bit long and hard to follow sometimes, so hang in there.  While it really shows the terrifying reality of such a powerful storm, I can’t believe this person did this and survived!

Please pray for our southern brothers and sisters right now.

One thought on “unbelievable

  1. I have been following your blog for some time now and didn't know you were from B'ham (does this spelling indicate I am from here too – LOL).
    We are in Clay, near the Trussville area and we are OK; just shaken up to see such destruction and heart broken for all the families affected.
    I love your creativity and best wishes for your home to sale.

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