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Well, today is the last day of school for us and the kids are SOOO excited. The boys were so funny doing fist pumps and screaming, “YES!” when they came home from school. Although the weather’s hardly felt like Spring, let alone Summer, we are definitely ready to slow our schedule down. Here’s a bit about what we did over the past month:

1.Accompanied the 12 & 13 year old scouts on a campout/bike ride to Antelope Island in the middle of Salt Lake (minus Jeffrey who was on an OA campout).  Came home in one piece.
2. Has some vacation time he needs to use up before it’s gone, so he’s taken a couple of days off to get some projects done around the house.
3. Finally has made some great progress finding dates and info about some ancestors for his family tree. It’s been a long project he started before we got married, and it’s so rewarding to finally see some good progress.

1. Got to sub for the primary chorister at church–it’s been a long time since I’ve been in primary with the kids and I loved it!  Next I get to sub for one of the Relief Society teachers–I’m not so excited about that. =)
2. Is very excited about the new super-sized washing machine that our home warranty company bought for us.  So glad our old one died before the warranty expired!
3. Has some home decor projects planned for the summer: covering some cushions for seating in our living room window well, and making window treatments for the girls’ rooms out of beautiful vintage handkerchiefs and crocheted flowers.

1. Enjoyed the troop campout at Antelope Island.  He even had a great time biking for 5 miles the first day, and then 10 miles the next.  Saw a buffalo up close, had a campfire, and barely survived the thousands and thousands of biting gnats.
2. Enjoyed spending the night at his cousins’ house (as did Jeffrey).  The got to play pool, Killer Bunnies, and go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
3. Is not happy that I’m making him and Jeffrey participate is summer band.  (Jeffrey’s totally fine with it, though).  He’ll thank me later. =)

1. Joined the Order of the Arrow (a scout group) and went on a service project at the food bank and a service project/campout where they couldn’t talk and had to eat only minimal basic food.  I’m so proud of him for joining because it was his idea, and he hasn’t complained at all about the activities–he’s really taken ownership of it.
2. Attended a band trip (with James) to a local fun center called Boondocks.  They got to play lazer tag, go bowling, drive go-carts, etc.  Had a blast!
3. Is sooo sweet with Faith and just loves her to death.  It’s very sweet to see him connect so deeply with her.

1. True to form, she got pushed over accidentally during a game at PE and busted her right ring and pinky fingers.  Last year she broke said ring finger toward the end of the school year landing her two surgeries, pins, and tons of physical therapy, and 2 years ago she slipped and fell and sustained a concussion on the last day of school.  After two x-rays 2 weeks apart, the doctor’s determined they’re not broken, but we’re waiting another 2 weeks for him to examine her again to decide whether or not she has a torn tendon.
2. Got two teeth pulled in preparation for the first phase of her orthodontic work.  After a few weeks they’ll install an expander to the roof of her mouth to make more room for her teeth.
3. Sang “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera for her class talent show.

1. Gets together with two neighbor girls, Hannah and Madison, a few times a week.
2. Sang “Don’t Stop Believing” (Glee version) with a little choreography for her class talent show.
3. Started playing offense for the first time on her soccer team.  She’s done a great job and even scored her first goal at the last game.
4. Went on 2 field trips this week at school: Antelope Island, and the park.
5. Enjoyed having her cousins sleep over (as did Ashley).  They made forts, hats, flags, crafts, and went swimming. 

1. Loves going outside to color with sidewalk chalk, play with the ball, or blow bubbles.
2. Since we’ve been outside more often now, she has discovered bugs, and is very fascinated with them.
3. Faithy phrases:  Mama cweh-wee (“Mama carry”), poo-poo (“Copper”, our neighbor’s dog), nigh-nigh…zzzzz (“goodnight”, followed by her attempt at a snoring sound), cookie?  okay, cookie (“Can I have a cookie?  Okay, I can have a cookie”), choo choo!  choo choo! (“tweet tweet!” when she sees a bird).
4. We’re still working on a better sleep schedule for her.  Hmm…I think I’ve said that every month!

We can’t wait for my upcoming family reunion in Palm Desert.  Well, we can wait for the Palm Desert part, but we are very excited to see my family!!

clockwise from top left: Faith playing with a bug, Lexie in her “Ferrari uniform, Ashley with her busted hand, and the boys on their last day of school…YES!

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