it happened like this…

This would normally be the post where I would tell you all about our happenings over the last month or so.  But I’ve decided that this blog needs to be mainly a scrapbooking/crafty blog and that my family updates need their own blog.  I’ll still post pictures and funny antics occasionally, but not regularly and not so much at once.  If you’re interested in reading about our family happenings you can CLICK HERE to go to our family update blog.  I’ll also include a link on the sidebar for future reference.  Here’s a photo collage of our recent summer travels:

Derek’s family reunion at Yellowstone

2 thoughts on “it happened like this…

  1. I am so jealous! Yellowstone is such a gorgeous place; we used to go there once in a while when we lived in Idaho. It's only about an hour and half drive from Rexburg.

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