ni hao again!

Last year one of the top hospitals in China paid for Derek and I to come to Shanghai so he could present some research at a medical conference along with some other foreign and Chinese doctors.  (Click here to read about our trip.)  They were gracious enough to invite us back again this year, and we had a wonderful time!

  This time we visited another city called Hang Zhou, which rests at the end of the Grand Canal and boasts a gorgeous lake and mountains where the most famous tea in China is grown.

We also visited one of the largest and most famous Buddhist temples in China with pagodas and Buddhist grottoes.  It was founded in 328 AD by an Indian monk.

While there we saw a performance of Impressions West Lake by Zhang Yimou who also directed the amazing opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.  What an incredible combination of music, dance, water, and lighting!

On our last day we visited the new city center by the Qiantang River with it’s modern skyscrapers and architecture, and then an outdoor market where we shopped (and bartered) for souvenirs.  We also spotted a DQ on the corner–who knew?

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