HSN project (plus some more)

ETA:  Sorry!  Got my times mixed up.  The star and scalloped circle tools were selling this morning, but the square tool with the charms is selling tonight at 8:00pm MDTClick here to get more info and watch the segment tonight.
Epiphany Crafts tools were selling today on HSN in the “Scrapbook Steals Under $25” segment.  They featured the square 25 shape studio tool and the new square charms.  This necklace of mine was there with Brian in the studio:

What I love about the new square charms is that they’re double-sided so you can stick two photos in if you’d like.  You can watch the segment replay HERE if you’re interested.  They sold out pretty quickly so you can’t purchase them there, but you can HERE.

Here are some other projects I’ve made using the square 25 tool:

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