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I have been waiting for years to be able to afford a nice DSLR camera. I’ve been reading about, researching, and practicing on improving my photos for a long time on my trusty little point and shoot, but there is only so much you can do with one of those. (I still love my point and shoot–I won a city-wide photo contest with it!) I finally decided I’d just bite the bullet and get myself one for my birthday this month knowing I had a few good sized paychecks coming, but my dear husband beat me to it and got me this for Christmas.

(Sneaky guy sold some items on Craigslist behind my back to earn the cash. Love that man!!)

So, since I finally get to (and need to) practice on my Nikon D3100 I thought I’d start doing photo fridays a couple times a month to share some of my learning by trial and error (and lots of reading manuals, photography books, blogs, etc).

First off are these two photos taken in the same lighting (night, indoors, florescent) of the same subject, one right after the other.  The only difference is I adjusted the white balance, and compensated for exposure and flash.  Pretty cool.

Next I caught these photos at night in my dining room which is very poorly lit, and switched to manual mode so I didn’t have to use my flash.  I have a lot to learn, but I’m so thrilled with how much more I can do with my new camera!

Both photos are of Faith on her grandpas’ laps.  The bottom one is from Christmas day.  She was so tired from all the excitement she climbed up there and fell asleep.

3 thoughts on “photo friday

  1. Aly, congrats on your camera. You will love it. I got mine 2 years ago somehow by a Christmas miracle. I love it use it daily. Have fun!!

  2. GREAT pictures! Love the 2 photos showing the difference you can make! And I love that picture with Grandpa. How precious is that!!!!! SO beautiful.

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