photo friday: take twelve

Things are going swimmingly with my take twelve project, I’m happy to report.  Here are my twelve photos for February:

This year Feb 12th was on a Sunday.  Sundays for us are filled with relaxing/hanging around, church, and family time.  So…all of my photos were indoors which can be a bit tricky, especially when it’s cloudy and raining outside.  Most of these are the kids hanging out in their jammies watching Veggie Tales (our favorite Sunday videos), playing on the computer, doing crafts, playing with toys, and we played Sardines (opposite of Hide-n-Seek) as a family so you can see my boys covering their eyes and counting.  There’s also my hubby taking a much-needed nap, a pile of laundry that Faith “helped” me with, and our breakfast that morning.

None of these would win a photo contest, but I’m really pleased with how I was able to capture the laid-back family feeling of a typical Sunday at our house.

Now, what happened to January’s photos?  Good question.  I finally figured out how I want to do this and created my album base and cover, plus my page for January.  Check it out:

Here’s the cover.  I went with WRMK Travel Light collection because I like the feel of this album being a year’s journey through our everyday lives.  I also like that this collection isn’t too feminine, it’s pretty clean and graphic, and it’s got a touch of vintage to it.  This album is 8×8, and I’m using the 8×8 WRMK book board (chipboard) with the 8×8 cinch page protectors.  I’m not really sure how that’s going to work in the end, and I may change my mind, but I’ll have to see.

Here are January’s pages.  I’m using my favorite design here for a mini album with lots of photos–a Picasa photo collage on the right, with patterned paper, journaling, and embellishments on the left.  Each month will be basically the same, except I might move things around on the left pages.

Here’s the left page.  I’ve got a 3×6 kraft cardstock journaling block (AmerType font), and I trimmed the edge of the travel log paper with a CM postage stamp rotary trimmer blade.  I’ll have certain elements that continue throughout the album to unify all the pages.  You’ll see that WRMK washi tape on the cover and each page of the album.

This is the right page. I created an 8×8 photo collage in Picasa (free Google photo editing software). I just added a few little goodies to it.

You’ll see Studio Calico wood veneers on the cover and each collage page, plus a bit of matching patterned paper and  a date stamp

On each journaling page you’ll also see a Jillibean Soup calendar journaling spot and soup label indicating which day of the week it was on the 12th of each month.

And I added a bit of hand-stitching with some baker’s twine using my Sew Easy.  I’ll have some hand-stitching on each journaling page, but I may switch up the pattern.

So there you have it.  I know that for me to actually finish this project I’ve got to keep it simple and have a design plan for the whole album.  Since this whole album is pretty well planned out, I’m keeping all of my supplies together in a giant ziploc bag labeled with “take 12” on the front.

That way when I have some time to work on it, I just need to pull out the bag and start scrapping.  Easy peasy!

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  1. Love this! i really like how you are using a "travel" theme for your take 12 album! and that you are putting each layout into a separate album! I do think I will have to copy you! Thanks for sharing!

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