WRMK corner mounter projects

Right after the world launch of the Lucky 8 punch on HSN last week, they sold the new Corner Mounter tool.  This tool includes a template and two blades for cutting slits in paper to mount heritage photos, memorabilia, awards, etc if you don’t want to use adhesive to attach them.  Here are some projects I came up with using the Good Day Sunshine collection:

First is a layout about a math contest my son placed in.  I wanted to include his award, but didn’t want to adhere it to the page so I mounted it with the corner mounter tool:

Next I tried to think of a different way to use the tool, and this is what happened.  My hubby and I did a couples questionnaire the other night.  (That was so fun!)  I typed up our answers and created an envelope to store them since some of the answers are a bit personal.  I used the tool to cut notches to seal my journaling envelopes so I could re-open them without destroying them.  Cool, huh?  (Please excuse the wonky colors in these photos.  I finished this layout the night before the WRMK team had to leave for Florida to shoot HSN.  I had to take a photo and this was the best I could do with my craft room lighting at night.)


Fun tool!  Now go get you one. =)

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