photo friday: take 12

Seeing as Monday was the 12th day of March, I took 12 photos that day to document a typical busy weekday for me.  I photographed my favorite running music on my phone, Faith in the jogging stroller just before our run, Faith’s play date, my lunch, all the places I drove around to in the afternoon, our table set and ready for dinner, our family night chart, and Faith’s favorite family night activity–ring-around-the-rosy.  I like a lot of these shots, but one of my favorites is the shot of Main Street.  I love that I captured the mountains in the background, and the small town feel of where I live. =)

I also completed the layout for February’s 12 photos and here it is (click to enlarge):

I kept to pretty much the same formula as January’s layout except I rotated and moved around a couple of elements.  That makes it so much easier to keep up with this album.  I can complete these pages in about 20 minutes.

I also created a journaling template in photoshop.  Each of my journaling blocks will be the same–3×6 inch kraft cardstock–so it saves me some time to just fill in the journaling on the template and then print it out.

 Next month I’ll show you how I print on my pre-cut cardstock.  It’s easy. =)

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