april take twelve photos

April 12th kind of snuck up on me, and it happened to be the day that my boys received their Eagle Scout awards, so there were a lot of great photos opps that day.  Again, many of these were taken indoors with not-so-ideal lighting.  A friend of ours took the outdoor ones so my hubby and I could be in them.  One of these months the 12th will fall on a warm lovely Saturday so we can get some nice outdoor shots.  My goal is to document the everday, and right now a lot of our days are spent inside.

Here are the photos from April 12th:

I got some morning shots before school, a shot of my hubby who surprised me and came home for lunch, and a shot of dinner with Aunt Jeannie, Grandma, and Grandpa.  And of course my Eagle Scouts. =)

Wednesday I’ll be back with the layout I created using last month’s photos.  Until then!

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