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So…most of you know that I have twin 14 year old boys, and my oldest daughter is turning 12 this summer.  While I absolutely adore my teens/tweens (even when they’re moody), I must regrettably admit I do not scrapbook about them nearly as often as I should.  I honestly find it a challenge.

Why?  First off, they hate it when I take their picture.  They run, hide, refuse, whine and complain…wait, that sounds like my 2 year old!  Hmmm…

Secondly, I’m not really sure what about them to journal.  Concerts, sports, dance, and achievements are easy for me to scrapbook, but it’s harder for me to record their day-to-day stuff, their personalities, their likes or dislikes (of which they have several).

Funny thing is, I have no problem recording the day-to-day about my 2 year old.  Maybe that’s because she’s home with me all day so I have time to think about and photograph those types of things.  Once my older kids get home, life’s pace doubles and I just don’t remember to photograph anything because it all happens so fast.

Chagrined at my lack of teen scrapbook pages, I set a goal to include my teens in my albums more.  So with the latest round of Creative Memories assignments, I created pages about my sons and my oldest daughter.

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With this page I thought it would be fun to record all of the signs Ashley is showing of preteen-hood.  There are definitely many, and several of them are wonderful! =)

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My boys (and my husband) have worked so hard to earn their Eagle Scout rank.  I wanted to be sure and make a big deal about this, so this is the first of several pages I’ll be creating about their journey to Eagle Scout-hood.  While this page is event-based, I do plan on covering more about their personalities and their day-to-day.  For now, at least their on this page!

2 thoughts on “scrapbooking teens

  1. First of all, you look WAY too young to have teenagers! Second, love the layout. I'm sure they'll be glad to have them around later;)

  2. Oh I know what you mean about scrapbooking about your older children. Mine are 30, 28, 27, so I'm not ANY easier now.

    But when my daughter was in junior high and high school she HATED getting her picture taken. I have photo after photo of the back of her head because any time she would see me with a camera in hand she would spin away from it.

    I did do a layout about that once, with lots of pictures of the back of her lovely head!

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